Colour Blocking

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This season is all about dazzling bright hues and colour blocking. Colours stopped rioting a longtime ago, so now that’s out, mixing and blocking is in.

Block with no patterns mixed together, prepare to mix green with mustard yellow, electric blue and tangerine orange, bubblegum pink and purple, etc. Blocking that bright blue chiffon top with those red pants is hot this season.

Remember to wear it with a high level of confidence and very little makeup to avoid looking like a clown.

I personally love colours, the more colourful an outfit is, the prettier. Apart from the bold and sassy look it gives you, its also very fun and daring. So if you’re not spontaneous enough to go scubadiving, see colourblocking as being

And you know the best part? Guys are also in on it. Away with those boring grey and black pants *yawn* and lug in the blue, green, red and yellow. Adding a little colour to a wardrobe never hurt anyone.

I saw this guy a few days ago in a red jacket and navy blue pants and I’m pretty sure I died. I know I’m not the only one tired of seeing boys in boring plaid jackets and I’m-mourning-my-grandpa pants.

Colours tell people to notice you, it draws them to you.
Its powerful and speaks for itself. You carry it off well and it carries you along.

Loud and bright colour combinations make for a dynamic and confident look, not forgetting downright sexy!

So ransack your cupboards to mix the colours for the maximum impact and style this season
Go hard on that shopping spree, and start colour blocking!



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  1. Like really, I’m so glad the riot is over, now I can look vibrant and classy in my colours. Btw, love the writer’s sense of humour 🙂

  2. Very well written, am sooo luvin this color blocking era!!! Am actually good at it cos av been color clashin almost all my life lool, bt nw its my time to fit in, teehee

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