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Personally, I hardly find anything embarrassing. Most times when things happen to me, I just look at it as something not much of a biggie and try to overlook it. But then, some things are so much of a biggie you can’t let them go.

My most embarrassing moment: I was on my way to see a friend. I had on this beautiful knee-length dress and er…fine make up & high heels and all the fine things I had. I was looking so fine and I was loving it.

Anyway, when I got to the junction of my street, I waited for a bike, it took longer than usual and so I started to get impatient. A car soon parked in front of me and the driver who looked like a hunk from a magazine cover asked me to get in. I rolled my eyes and gave him some neck attitude (I knew I was looking fine and I was ready to show myself). He pleaded and honked and me on the other hand hissed and showed my English capabilities.

If only I knew what was going to happen next. Well, somewhere somehow, a devilish wind blew up my beautiful dress and yes, my pant showed off for the entire world to see. It was so sudden I didn’t know what to do. My toaster laughed his ass off and zoomed off. It took me a while to know how to control my dress and yes, I had to hold the dress while people stared. To think bikes still didn’t pass at that point

REANNE’s most embarrassing moment: We were in our 1st year and she was dating this jerk of a guy (okay, I’m sorry I called him that. But he really was one) Anyway, jerk liked girls so very much and he always went out of his way to get them. One day, he came to our hostel and picked a girl we all knew and didn’t like. Reanne was livid when she saw him and so she walked up to him and demanded to know why he would act that way. Jerk shoved Reanne aside and tried getting into his car. Reanne would have none of it and so they got into a heated argument.

Jerk who already had his mind made up, pushed Reanne till she fell, got into his car and zoomed off with girl we didn’t like (it actually moved from dislike to hate after that episode). By this time, Reanne already had audience and she had to shamefully stand up and run into her hostel.

GISELLE’s most embarrassing moment happened when she was younger. She was in her SS2 and she was participating in the march past for her school inter house sport. She was not a nice senior and a lot of her “juniors” couldn’t stand the type of person she was but then our friend didn’t give a hoot(senior was senior, so wetin dem go do) anyway, she was in her element for the school inter house sport and she joined the line of students for the march past. The time for her “house” to march came and my friend scolded the juniors and showed herself. They were halfway the field when she noticed something unusual.

People were laughing, her “juniors” were staggering with laughter and informing the ones that didn’t know. Giselle looked down and saw her pant on the floor. Yes, her pant. Here is what happened, she was wearing a tie round pant and it loosened and fell to the floor. What she did? She picked her pant and put it in her pock… oh that’s true, she said she didn’t have a pocket. So she kinda held it till the end of her march past. And her juniors had a fun filled day.

ELLA’S most embarrassing day went this way: She had been invited to one of the most prestigious club parties of the semester. She was quite excited and decided to wear the most scandalous outfit she could lay her hands on, designed by herself. She picked her pashmina and in a way made it into a top, baring most part of her body and barely covering her boobs. We asked if she was going to be comfortable and she said yes besides, she was trying to get the attention of the club chief so WTF?

Anyway, our girl went to the party and got drunk. She got so wasted, her friend had to put her in his car and bring her to the hostel the next morning. Getting out of the car, our friend was oblivious of the stares she got from people around. The porter stopped her however and demanded to know why she was dressed scantily, Ella was still trying to take in her environment and adjust to the pounding headache in her head when the potter dragged her outside the hostel and insisted she was going to the school senate to face the disciplinary committee. Students turned and watched, a lot of them laughed (of course). A classmate came to call us and we got there in time to see our friend dragged into the potter’s car and driven off to face the music.

ENITAN is intelligent and she knows that fact and doesn’t hesitate to emphasize it anytime she gets the opportunity. She was respected by a lot of girls while we were in school and boys always like to talk to her. She met this boy whom she admired in a way, because he was like her. Very smart, super intelligent and brilliant. He started asking Enitan out, but being the 21st century girl, she wanted to show him she had a voice and could match his smartness and intelligence. What she forgot was there’s an extent to which you do these things. anyway, she made sure she dominated conversations and went out of her way to correct guy anytime he made a mistake.

Guy appreciated it at first, but then he realized Enitan was enjoying it and would go out of her way to show him how smart/intelligent/brilliant she was even if it was in public. She corrected him a couple of times in front of his friends, totally forgetting the ever present male ego.

Well she got it one day! Enitan and her intelligent toaster were with friends (his&hers) which included us at a fast food joint. We were at some get together. Enitan’s toaster made a mistake and as usual our friend was quick to correct him publicly. Then he said something inaudibly and she confidently asked “why are you passing a side comment?” toaster laughed out really loud and got everyone’s attention. Enitan asked what the laughter was about and added “you passed a side comment earlier and here you are laughing” “what?” he asked. “Side comment or side remark?” he continued smiling “it’s called side remark my dear Enitan

Enitan was embarrassed because some of his friends joined in the laughter and for the first time, she was at a loss on what to say to her intelligent toaster. And of course, she was embarrassed …Very embarrassed.



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. OMG! Buhahahahaha. LMFAO (looks at ass to be sure there’s something left to shake). I read this immediately after saying my prayers & I laughed so hard. I’m definitely gonna have a good day today. Thanks Coco.

  2. Lolololololololololol *wipes tears* Oh my days!! The parts that just killed me are the toaster laughing and zooming off and the pant episode. LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. @bee: better onces? Sure that’s english?
    @kim: er…I didn’t put this down with the mind of cracking u up. So your thought isn’t really my biz
    @chychy: thanks!
    @mike: lol
    @igho: lol. Thanks

  4. looooool who are these fucktards ??? Kim and Bee who ? u guys shld go and dig up ur sense of humor where u buried them abeg *rme*

  5. Well this is like so boring. It sounds like something from a high school movie. I don’t just like this particular article. Try to be real. Keep it up though

  6. Kim and Bee (bleh) y’are both slowpokes.. go and dig up your sense of humor wherever you buried it instead of spewing bollocks on someone else’s work…yea I said it bite me :|”

  7. @prince: thanks
    @r$lls: it’s one of those things
    @sean: I’m wondering what type of high school movies you see. Cos I don’t see the resemblance btw this and those type of movies. Thanks tho. NB: sean, u know u can’t like all of my articles, right?

  8. No one is out to get Coco. Truth is i’ve read better write ups by her n its good to accept criticism. Honestly, this is Boring, I was so scared to say it cos of d responses to d likes of Kim n Sean*Lol, i’m shaking*. This comes from a good place n we love u still.

  9. @cranky smurf: thanks
    @ganja farmer: lol
    @fabuloucityjunkies: you can stop shaking now. Lol. I take criticisms well, I just don’t take attacks on my work well. But then I love u, I love every other person that reads d articles.

  10. Coco dats alil rude@bee tho….buh nice putting dat bitch in her plc…plus uno dat moment wen ur tryna spoil sum1 by being obnoxious den u gt burnt@d end….@bee doubt if ur intelligent or can spell rite….too bad ur da smoke screen ere**buhahahhaaaA** EViL GRiN

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