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360 FASHION brings you another fantastic “closet confidential” piece, featuring the Style Enthusiast- Bidemi Zakariyau. I remember the first time I met Bidemi, all I could think about was how effortlessly she glided in her 6inch heels. She strutted across the room without missing a beat in her stride, there wasn’t a hair out of place and it was impossible to not notice her fresh manicured nails, her style was so… natural. There were no comments under her breath about how her feet hurt from walking so fast in her heels, or how she thought she was going to pass out from her skin tight bodycon dress. The girl took it all in her stride, truly committed to her style. She knows how to work a girlie dress and statement heels, most importantly she understands the concept of putting together a complete look.

The hair, purse, dress, shoes etc must all work brilliantly together to create a powerful ensemble and Ms. Zakariyau understands that.


Description of my sense of style

My style is pretty simple, I chose anything comfortable and most of the time something that accentuates my waist. I don’t particularly follow trends, I just pick anything that looks nice on me.

What fashion is to me

Fashion is a very broad term, fashion is for everyone but not everyone has style. Fashion is what you have and style is how you wear it and this does not necessarily mean it has to be the latest trend as fashion is ever changing.

Trends I hope to see die

If you don’t know how to wear prints on prints please let slide.

If you also don’t know how to pull off Neon coloured pieces, let that slide too *sighs*


Top 5 summer must have pieces

Bright coloured heels

Mini’s (bag/purse)

Bold Prints(clothes, shoes, bags & accessories)

The perfect sunglasses

Bright lipstick/shadows

NB: They have been put together in a collage (top 5 summer items)

The last most expensive thing I bought

Hmm, the last most expensive thing I bought were my Gianfranco FERRE heels. They cost me $0000.00. I’ll leave you to imagine. Hehe.

What I look for when I’m shopping.

When I’m shopping, I always look out for detail and anything that accentuates my waist. The kind of tucks, gathers, darts and tucks it has.

Shoes: When I’m shopping for shoes, I look for detail. The heels must have some sort of detail. There just has to be something going on.





Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  1. wow. she’s truly stylish. i always envy women who can really dress-up, cos i’m kinda too lazy 4 dat. P.S: is this her everyday look?, cos it’s a little too dressy dressy for an average person…just wondering. She beautiful.

  2. Bidemi Zakariya is always dressed up…………………
    she even wears heels to school everyday….. thats what i heard
    I respect the girl.

  3. bidemi is truely one classy babe… love the shoes collection.. actually jealous much… there is a piece i love and i would really love to know where she got the piece from, the white jacket/blazer and shorts do they selll mini skirts @ the shop bidemi? cos of my ass i cant wear shorts… also you did not tell us where you got your stuff from. love the louboutin…

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