Bracelet Bug

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Ok ladies you know how irritated you get when he forgets to call you back, or when he totally forgets your fish died this time last year and he has the audacity to ask you to go clubbing when he should be mourning with you?… Yea, that’s how your wrists feel when you’re all dressed up and you don’t remember to accessorize them.

*sigh*, poor wrists.

Bracelets, perhaps the most popular and amazing things in fashion are these striking articles of jewellery worn around the wrists and provide a stylish and sophisticated look to the wearers hands.

Most bracelets are usually hand crafted into unique designs by extraordinary artisans. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are actually one of the cheapest fashion accessories.

Loose bracelets are engineered to attract attention because they slip around the wrist calling people to notice them.
Although, some bracelets are worn in singles, they are also worn in bunches as they have no closure

lately, the male species seem to have dominated the bracelet empire, they wear them more than we ladies actually, and I must say I love the look.

Obviously there are bracelets for men, I’d shudder if I see my boyfriend with a wrist full of colourful adornment. The male kind of bracelets are raunchier in outlook and more edgy.

I simply can’t go a day without my bracelets though. They come in differnt styles, vintage cuff bracelets, stackable bracelets, gothic style wrap bracelets, made from gold, silver, corals, rock, glass, beads, shells *whew* etc

So lovelies, this is one bug I know you would love to get bitten by! And if there are ladies that don’t know what to get their boyfriends on their birthday, try a bunch of bracelets, been there and trust me, you can’t go wrong 😉

You can get them from any jewellry store on online shops. Visit


***Gbemi Afolabi ***



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  1. this is watt all the celebs be rocking now, every music video, every picture, diddy, lil wanye
    i want get one but thats my recent money right there smh 🙁

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