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There is nothing more fun than matte nail polish, you can colour block with your manicure and completely revamp your regular beauty routine with some serious neon green or sunflower yellow colour, trust me shades like these bring the compliments coming. But bright matte nail polish is so last year and we have recent runway trends to thank for that, on the catwalk and in fashion magazine spreads more and more designers, beauty experts and models are celebrating the all new metallic look.

Not only is this look super edgy, but its incredibly versatile. Ever had yellow nail polish and thought; “I can’t wear my leopard print dress with this manicure”. My point exactly, the brighter the polish the more restricting. The more metallic and edgy the polish, the more versatile, modern and fun you look. What are you waiting for? Indulge in some lightning silver or white gold polish.



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