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One of the hottest radio personalities is set to rock your playlists without a totally patriotic and inspiring track. He goes by the name of Lorenzo Menakaya, who is a significant figure in the entertainment scenery in the South-East region. As a complete showman that he is, not only is he a radio presenter but he’s also an accomplished musicologist who can boast of having five-star perfomances in his resumè. Lorenzo’s powerful vocal presence earned him a nomination for the On-Air Personality (OAP) of the year in The Future Award (TFA) 2011 which potrays how tenacious,proficient and hardworking he is.

Given the political clime of the nation and the resurgence of hope amongst the youth with respect to the leadership of the country, it is not out of place that the single, aptly named “Good Morning Nigeria”, is to be released at such an auspicious time to awaken Nigerians to the belief of turning this country around.With this musical piece, Lorenzo seeks to preach peace to soothe the country still hurting from the bruises of previous times and also acts as a revolutionary, stirring the listener.
Good Morning Nigeria,ladies and gentlemen, is nothing short of a masterpiece, with well-written, hope provoking lyrics and sound production which has a wide-range of cinematic tones and african influences which seek to defy classification into a particular genre.
Now,this track doesn’t need to have a target audience as most songs do but it is designed for all Nigerians to listen to and make efforts to live in a “Land of hope and peace”.

Get the Message straight o : Stop sleeping. Arise to your function. ‘Uncle Toms’ are fast becoming extinct. Awaken to that. And Need I say more…Press ►.

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Good-Morning-Nigeria.mp3|titles=Good Morning Nigeria]

Lorenzo – Good Morning Nigeria



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