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This feature film on 360Cinemas is made possible by our partnership with NollywoodLove, a subsidiary of Iroko Partners who have gone ahead to partner with most Nollywood directors  to create a Nollywood specific section on Dailymotion and YouTube Movie sections.

It is the Drama – A Million Madness (Part 1 & 2).

Go grab you popcorns and don’t forget to drop your personal opinion of the movie in the comments box…

Movie(s): A Million Madness (Part 1&2)
Stars: Keneth Okonkwo, Chieze Alisigwe, Ejike Okoye, Obiora Ekwuozor, Andy Chukwu, Emeka Enyiocha

The Plot: The love of money is the root of all evil. This is the story of group of who became so rich through evil means. Gentility (Keneth Okonkwo) was so ancious to make it big that he used his girlfriend and made her mad. Thou he became rich but had to face the repercussion.

A Million Madness 1 powered by NollywoodLove

A Million Madness 2 powered by NollywoodLove



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