X-Men: First Class Connects The Dots…

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Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Bacon
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

A fair share of people would probably be planning to go see the new X-Men because they believe it will be a continuation of the previous movies in the franchise. Sorry to disappoint folks, but X-Men: First Class neither continues from where X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) ended nor is it related to X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Rather than serving as a continuation, it does even better by taking followers of the X-Men movie series back to the very beginning to see how it all began.

This movie is the key to understanding a number of events/happenings in the X-Men movies and while that alone might not be reason enough to go watch it, take this into consideration; X-Men: First Class is a reboot of the movie series meaning every other X-Men movie to come will be linked to this one.

X-Men: First Class starts off in 1944 where we get introduced to Charles Xavier a rich kid who grew up in a huge mansion in New York and Erik Lensherr a victim of the Holocaust who grew up in a German concentration camp. Fast forward to 1962, present day in the movie, Prof. Charles a young Oxford graduate with a “special gift” and interest in mutation, is approached by CIA agent Moira MacTaggert to help convince her superiors in the CIA of the possible existence of a mutant threat to humanity known as Sebastian Shaw. Charles agrees to assist in stopping Shaw and along the line gets to meet Erik Lensherr who has got his own abilities too and an old score to settle with Shaw. Together they form an alliance and recruit some young mutants to help stop Shaw.


Ashley Miller, Zack Stenz and the rest of the crew responsible for the screenplay of this movie did a wonderful job as its plot is on point and connected. When they could have wasted time going around in circles just to look fancy and all, they avoided all that and ended up providing one of the best movies this summer.

This prequel directed by Matthew Vaughn is a lovely one which pulls back the curtain to reveal the origin of the X-men movie series which we’ve been following for years now. The actors in this movie were quite convincing in their roles and trying to find fault in their acting would be futile as they played their roles to the script.

All in all i couldn’t have chosen a better movie to watch at the cinema and though i was a bit disappointed it didn’t really have a fight scene that would make me go Woah!!, it’s alright because i understand its going to have installments coming up soon plus the planned telepathic fight scene had to be scrapped after X-Men: First Class director, Matthew Vaughn, saw the stunts adopted by Christopher Nolan in my beloved Inception (Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page).

This is a must watch for comic buffs, lovers of the X-Men franchise and a great movie choice for those that just want to go see a good movie.


Rating: 8/10

*X-Men: First Class is currently showing at cinemas in Nigeria

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. Sounds pretty interesting…its also great to know that its not what I was expecting.As for u Cole,nice one!I’m happy you’ve finally upgraded frm buying pirated movies to actually goin to d cinemas…u r a source of inspiration to peeps like me!

  2. Nice article. Thanks for always knowing where to draw the line between a review and a spoiler. Still, I’m gonna keep my eyes on this blog. I’m yet to see a negative review. Sooner or later, I should.

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