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I used to cringe everything I heard the word “METROSEXUAL”. I mean, what is wrong with a man that knows how to make sure his wardrobe pieces co-ordinate, and a guy who doesn’t leave the house without properly moisturizing his body? PERFECT! I’m tired of being confronted with crusty elbows and knuckles or mismatched socks and do not get me started on the shoes. When a man gets the shoes wrong, it really looks WRONG!

So in my naïve state, I was all for the metrosexual male. Bring out the ones who wouldn’t leave the house without a clean shave and a sexy looking fitted shirt against their ripped torso. Bring out the chosen few who will not be caught dead with last season’s loafers and the ones who wear their red tailored skinny pants proudly. These guys really set the bar high for others. Yes, yes yes to the ones who are fashion conscious enough to co-ordinate outfits with their girlfriends, after all everyone would see the pictures online and God forbid one outshines the other. Why not celebrate the chosen few, the ones who walk pass and you think “WOW, homeboy can put an outfit together”. Yes, I was naïve. Very naïve.

While I embrace the metrosexual guy, one has to wonder when the line. Is a guy allowed to carry around a MURSE (MAN-PURSE)? How about his beauty products? Beauty lines invent new products for guys, soon your boyfriend will be clearing up your dresser so he can create space for his ever growing perfume bottles and facial exfoliator. And don’t get me started on the eyebrows, more and more guys are getting their brows waxed and shaped to perfection.

It is nerve racking to think that there are guys out there who may have a stricter beauty routine than us ladies, and while you may think your red heels are the perfect match for your red dress, he may advice you to slip on tangerine orange shoes instead after all its all about colour blocking this summer (insert eye roll movement here).

As far as I am concerned, there is a very visible line that the metrosexual man should not cross. Yes, get a clean shave, exfoliate your skin and always smell nice. Sleep at the gym if you must and make it a point of duty to constantly show up looking daper. But, do not walk around carrying an oversized clutch bag and wailing about how you missed your eyebrow appointment. Leave that to the ladies, do use a favour; have a beer and fart once in a while.




Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  1. LMAO @wailing about how you missed your eyebrow appointment…nice one lucy…i still dont understand why guys wear tight pants and nail varnish.

  2. A Murse? Oh my!
    I’ve never come across a dude with a murse and I must not.
    Its major crap when a guy has his eyebrows properly shaped or even straightened.
    Lovely article!

  3. Over sized clutch purse.lol. Reminds me of a certain young designer. This is a good article. Love it. Keep it up.

  4. Well done article. It just irritates me when i come across a guy who is so into fashion and looking all prim and proper, unfortunately for me, my boyfriend is the perfect example of the metrosexual male and yea, he has crossed that line. I mean, he shapes his eyebrows, wears coloured shoes,( i mean his shoes always have to match his shirts, except on work days), he has his work cloths picked out for like 2 months, picks out colours for the week(this week is blue week, meaning all his shirts and ties would be blue) and just last week, he was telling me that he wanted to get a murse, there are many other things he does that just drives me crazy. I’m into fashion but i’m also very laid back so it irritates me when my boyfriend is telling me the shoes that would match my dress(rolling eyes smiley)

  5. Somethings really screech “overboard!!” like overly prim n proper dudes…
    Saw 1d oda dae wif trimmed and well brushed eyebrows and i thot “yuk!!” *rolling my eyes*…

  6. Maybe they should slap you around once in a while, just to prove they are men. KMFT. Abeg gentlemen take care of yourselves. Don’t paint, shape.

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