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I genuinely and whole heartedly like Michael Jackson, scratch that please… I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!! This post is in fact very personal, I will try my hardest not to focus on his music as that has been overly documented since his untimely death. This is a very emotional post for me, as I’m one of the biggest MICHAEL JACKSON fans you will meet this side of LAGOS.

I’m sitting here with my basic black power shoulder H&M blazer and I can’t help but think my jacket has been in some sense influenced by MICHAEL’S wardrobe choices.

Michale Jackson introduced the world to the multi-dimensional wonder of the “JACKET/BLAZER SWAG”. FACT. He was donning jewel encrusted blazers, golden roped jackets and high rise skinny black pants before Kanye West was bold enough to step out onstage in a pair of red skinny jeans. A style icon ahead of his time, Michael had the head designer of BALMAIN on speed dial before Rihanna was given a mic to belt out her first single.

Move over P.DIDDY, Micheal is in every right the true king of bling, think diamond encrusted gloves which he was rumoured to wear once. One of the multi faceted fashion legacies Michael Jackson leaves behind is his one hand glove, which is now an iconic fashion statement synonymous with him.

In the 80s he led a new fashion revolution by showing off a slimmer physique, high rise pants and sequined jackets. Today, sequined and encrusted military jackets are worn by music heavyweights, they are shown every season on runway shows and don’t forget how quickly they fly off the shelf. I remember picking this H&M admiral blazer below and thinking how lucky I was as it was the last one on the rack. (Thank my prescription glasses for helping me sight them from afar).

Dear ladies, the next time you wear a crisp white shirt and a pair of skin tight black pants pay a tiny homeage to the KING OF POP, he is responsible for single handedly making the black and white look a classic chic ensemble.


In my opinion, no human being has been able to do what MICHAEL JACKSON has done for fashion. He made the hippie/afro look cool before he hit puberty, he contributed immensely to making sunglass ‘heavyweight “Raybans” “THE COOL PAIR OF SHADES YOU WANT TO HAVE ONE”, I mean we all love our Raybans. He dictated the fashion of the 80s for both women and men, and today even in death he is still doing so by influencing our subconscious fashion choices, influencing the texture of fabric designers pick out of their collection and giving Kanye West the much needed nudge to take his lead and show the world beautifully outrageous fashion should be.

The world’s most prolific fashion icon has left the building.



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