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I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with DEOLA SAGOE on a number of occasions and if I could say one thing about her it would be this; DEOLA SAGOE is a true master in her craft. In an industry where clothing pieces are rushed in the name of making sales and sketches become “too trendy” or “cliche”, the DEOLA SAGOE label really sets the bar high of other African and international fashion designers. That being said this collection is no different, if anything it sets the bar higher than ever before.

I remember being backstage with her at the ARISE MAGAZINE FASHION WEEK in LAGOS, and I asked what influenced this new collection; JAPAN! She replied, isn’t it a bit obvious?

The inspiration from JAPANESE culture and the use of YORUBA fabric; Aso Oke is evident in this collection, how can two very diverse cultures be merged into one collection so beautifully? DEOLA SAGOE is indeed a master in her craft.






















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  1. Lovely pieces of art…………………uhmm, iv got a question to ask, (actually a friend wants to know) just because you have a scar (few inches below the knee, and its quite big))on yur leg, does that mean you have to wear long dresses and nuffn short?

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