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The DELABIQUE look is beautifully eclectic and comprises of shimmery shift dresses, leather shorts, colour blocking ensembles, tough fabrics and simple shapes which all come beautifully together in a unified theme to make this look book communicate a story of elegance, trend and style. Going through the DELABIQUE look book, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it was to see all the S/S 11 trends merged into one look book, GENIUS!

The look book also features, elegant maxi dresses that skim the floor in sheer sophistication. Amongst the fabrics used are, tough black, colour blocking hues and summery patterned fabric. In this collection, there is a piece for everyone and every occasion. If there ever was a look book this summer that was bang on trend, it would have to be from fashion house; DELABIQUE.

LUCY PHIL-EBOSIE discovers how the DELABIQUE collection became what it is today.

LUCY PHIL-EBOSIE: What inspired the label and its name?

DEOLA: Deola and Labi’s boutique. ‘De’ is from my name ‘Deola’; ‘La’ from my husband’s name Owolabi – Labi for short, and the ‘que’ from boutique. Wanted a name that would sound ‘Parisian’

LUCY PHIL-EBOSIE: What inspired the collection?

DEOLA: Bold, Sexy, Elegance is the clear message this collection invokes. The flowers of spring and textures also influenced the collection.

LUCY PHIL-EBOSIE: Have you always been into fashion design?

DEOLA: Why Fashion? I graduated with a degree in Biology., but as a young girl, I had always loved arts and crafts – everything handmade. I remember visiting Quintessence in Falomo with my mum and admiring all the cute and dainty pieces on display  – miniature-sized furniture, kitchen and oven mitts/pads made from the local adire/batik, tea cosy made from aso-oke etc, and I would wander round the store and marvel at the beauty and creativity on display.

Back in the University as a Biology student, we had to spend long hours at life drawing of biological specimen as part of graded work.
All the years of drawing in the lab sharpened my skills with the pencil. I first toyed with the idea of starting a clothing label when I left
my job at the bank because I was having a difficult pregnancy. However the opportunity to go into fashion did not present itself
until after another four years when I finally was able to go for training.
LUCY PHIL-EBOSIE: Did you pay close attention to any key S/S trends with this collection?

DEOLA: Yes the florals and the colour blocking are a big part of this year’s S/S collections

LUCY PHIL-EBOSIE: Who’s is the average Delabique customer?

DEOLA: The Delabique woman is very stylish and desires to remain so regardless of her size, colour or age.

LUCY PHIL-EBOSIE: What does Delabique represent?

DEOLA: Delabique is ‘The New Secret of Style’




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