The $26,000 Diamond Blackberry

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A Nigerian-born, UK-based high-end luxury jeweler and fashion designer –Alexander Amosu — has unveiled a $26,000 black diamond Blackberry.

The 33 year-old Amosu, whose company Amosu Luxury designs customized gem-studded apparel, electronics and accessories for upscale clientele, revealed the Amosu Black Diamond Blackberry last week. The phone is set in 18 karat black gold and was created using close to 1,400 little diamonds weighing about 15cts VVS1. The Black Diamond Blackberry comes in a sleek crocodile case in varying colors, and buyers can have their names or personal logos embedded in the handset. Amosu Luxury designed only 10 of the handsets.

This is not the first time the company is unveiling diamond-crusted phones. In 2008, Amosu released its BlackBerry Pearl Diamond Edition. The diamonds used to make the phone were recyclable in such a way that its owners could have them refit to their next BlackBerry when they got tired of the Pearl. The phone sold for $88,000 and only 5 of them were made.

Similarly, in 2010 Amosu luxury released its most expensive phone – the Amosu Curva Diamond Blackberry, which sold for $191,000. The Amosu Curva was made up of 4,494 VS1 diamonds totaling about 28 carats set in a coat of 18-karat gold. Only 3 were made.

But do people actually buy these products?

“Of course, people do!” A spokesman from Amosu Luxury said during a phone chat. “We don’t make products for just anyone; our products are designed for a privileged few.  Even in a recession, we always have buyers. We never have a problem with buyers.”

Alexander Amosu, a multimillionaire, has carved a niche for himself as Africa’s foremost high-end luxury designer. Last year, he unveiled one of the most expensive suits on the planet – a $100,000 business suit featuring nine 18 carat gold & diamond buttons. The fabric of the single-breasted suit was sourced from vicuna and qiviuk, two of the most expensive sources of wool in the world. Sources from the Alexander Amosu Company revealed that it took the lead designer, Alexander Amosu and his team over 80 hours and 5,000 stitches to finish the piece.

Alexander Amosu is one of Nigeria’s greatest success stories. Born into a modest family, at the age of 13 he started earning his own money by doing paper rounds in London, making $16 a week. In high school, he organized football tournaments among his classmates where he made a profit of close to $1500. He later proceeded to organizing Inter-college balls and other shindigs targeted at his classmates.

His big break came at the age of 24 when he earned his first million dollars by selling Hip-hop ring-tones to mobile phone subscribers in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, he incorporated RnB ringtones, a company which grossed over $1.5 million in its first year of operations. In 2004, he sold off the company for about $15 million to a Mobile VAS company in the U.K, using the proceeds to launch his latest venture, Amosu Luxury.
By Mfonobong Nsehe
May 31 2011



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  1. Amosu had better stay in jand because kidnapping is now our favourite pastime in Nigeria…..this BB ennh…………no comment.

  2. Amosu….ah fink he’s a big inspiratio fo d talented yung ones in vis country…we gotta learn 4rm his focus…i hail him.

  3. Errmmm… @ D Ivu One… Pls did u type in English or French??? I don’t get why people think ‘Typing/Saying’ retarded words sounds/make ’em seem cool sha :s

    Alexander Amosu is a pacesetter sha. Big up’s 2 him and Chris Aire.

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