RIM introduced the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0 beta

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Today, Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0 beta, a set of powerful tools and APIs that enable developers to leverage key new features of the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 7 OS including the recently announced BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 and 9930 Smartphones (http://press.rim.com/release.jsp?id=4999). The BlackBerry 7 Java SDK enables developers to create rich, highly competitive applications including gaming, augmented reality and Near Field Communication (NFC) apps.

With this release of BlackBerry 7 Java SDK developers have access to the most comprehensive set of APIs and tools ever, they can build and quickly bring to market interactive feature-rich mobile apps that provide users with outstanding experiences.

New Feature APIs

The new exciting BlackBerry 7 Java SDK feature APIs include:

–      the magnetometer APIs which enable developers to create better navigation applications, augmented reality applications, and games requiring the orientation of the device to be changed;

–       the Native Window API, critical for augmented reality apps, which allows OpenGL ES and Java UI elements to be rendered on a surface which overlays a native window, such as a camera or video view finder, or web browser;

–       the Near Field Communication (NFC) APIs which give developers the possibility to set and read the NFC chip to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices and build innovative mobile payment and e-commerce solutions;

–       support for the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard which allows developers to build compelling 3 D mobile gaming experiences with rich and vivid graphics.

In addition major new services APIs are included in this beta release such as:

–       BBID APIs which protect the user’s information;


–       Location Based Service API enhancements including support for Geofencing APIs.

The BlackBerry 7 Java SDK represents an attractive opportunity for developers to create and monetize in-demand cutting-edge apps for the thriving BlackBerry ecosystem which counts:

–       over 150 million BlackBerry smartphones sold and 14.9 million BlackBerry smartphones sold last quarter alone (Q4 ’11);

–       over 43 million BBM users and growing at 2 million per month;

–       3 million apps downloaded daily from App World;

–       over 595 carrier and distribution partners in more than 175 countries.

Developers can download the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0 beta at the BlackBerry 7 landing page on BlackBerry Developer Zone.

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