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Purse owner: Fashion Designer, WANA SAMBO.

This week’s final installment of purse invasion features fashion designer Wana Sambo who has a flare for all things stylish and fashion. 360 fashion invades her privacy by rummaging through her purse and sharing with everyone what’s in it. An unusually high amount of lipgloss and other beauty products show that Wana is not only a fashion junkie, but a beauty junkie too.

  1. No 5 perfume by Coco Chanel

  1. Wrigley’s Extra Desert Delights sugar free gum

  1. Tom Ford wood rimmed glasses

  1. Hair brushes

  1. Victoria Secret Love Spell hand lotion

  1. Hand sanitizer

  1. Aveeno sunscreen lotion

  1. Tape rule (a designer’s must have)

  1. Fidson pocket tissue
  2. MAC chatterbox and Russian red lipsticks (for the sexy pouts)

1. Victoria secret lipgloss (for instant glow to pucker up my lips)

1. Ipad (every business woman’s must have)



  1. Avon nail polish




Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  1. Choi! U found an Ipad in Wana’s bag? Hand sanitizer and all tht? Liar. Why cnt people be real? Well they say fake it till u make it. I say “Go Wana!”

  2. Wats wrong wiv havn an I-pad in yur bag? Its made dat small so dat it can be carried around! And if u were half as busy as she was, u would have an i-pad also(dats if u can afford it tho’) so please abeg, if they say that’s what’s in her bag, den that should be it!

  3. @ lmfao myself and many other girls carry i pads n sanitizers around, i even carry 2 sanitizers so thats no news…

  4. @ LMFAO, you are dense/dumb/stupid beyond redemption. Just because the content of her bag is foreign to you doesnt mean it is fake.How much is hand sanitizer that you are shaking?Now that you have commented has it made you feel better, has your harsh comment elevated your own status?May God help bad belle creatures like you…

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