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360 fashion counts down the most horrendous runway trends for men to ever surface on planet earth, and we pray with all our might that we never see such atrocities again. Life is complicated enough, we don’t need our men looking like psychiatric ward escapees.

Make up your mind, do you want to cover up or not? And that “BEER” tattoo, what were you thinking?

Looking like an extra from some horrible super hero movie, his neon green ensemble is painful to the eyes.

I have never felt such a strong urge to handle a clipper! That hair is begging to be shaved off.

Where do we start with this Mister? He looks like he was given 10 hot strokes of the cane to wear this see through nipple showing shirt, I mean look at his pout, he most certainly has been forced to wear such.

We though he was our night in shiny amour till we realized he was a fool in aluminum foil.

Papa kangaroo, all set to go about his business with his baby pouch which is perfect for keeping his tiny offspring warm.

It should not be THAT tight in that area, you need some air.

Looking like Daddy showkey’s housekeeper, don’t the stupid looking ones just piss you off when they give off the impression that they are the best dressed.

Only cultists wear such.

We’ve gone through the worst of them all, light a candle and say a prayer as we never want to be confronted with sorry excuses for fashion.



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