Movie Review: No Sex, No Wedding

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I can’t remember the last time I came across a video club or even purchased a movie, but I could not help but laugh at the sight of the movie poster, and in no time , I found myself inserting ‘Disc A’ into my DVD player.

Movie: No sex No wedding
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Directed by: Harry Laud
Starring: Harry Laud, Naana Hayford, Eddie Koffie, Nana Ama McBrown, Soraya Mensah

SYNOPSIS: The movie revolves around a young lady (Araba) from a rich, christian home. Her parents (Mr & Mrs Hansen) become really overprotective just when Araba deserves to be independent. Jeff ( a bartender) is head over heels in love with Araba and eventually has no choice other than to stick with her controversy.

PERSONAL REVIEW:No sex, No wedding‘ This sounds to me like a phrase the producer heard his friend tell his girlfriend, but No it was from a father.

In my opinion, making statements with the movie title over and over again is UNNECESSARY EMPHASY. We don’t need to be reminded of the title, we are expected to make a meaning of the title at the end of the movie.

The storyline is unusual, but uninteresting. There were too many irrelevant scenes and some characters did not need to surface. The movie maker ought to understand that the members of the audience are twice as smart. They tried to make us believe after Araba’s wedding to Jeff, he didn’t realize she was a hermaphrodite until he barged in on her in the bathroom one month after the wedding. VERY UNREALISTIC.

There was improper use of soundtrack. In most of the scenes, the sound manager did not exactly know when to bring it down, for the character’s voice to be heard. It was obvious Mrs Hansen doesn’t have a natural diction problem but in a situation where she pronounced ‘this’ as ‘these’, shooting that scene again would have done no harm.

Also she looked too dressy for home scenes, little make-up and less accessories would have given the perfect casual look.
The filming techniques and picture quality were just okay.

N.B: it took me 5 days to see this movie to the end. Boring might be the right word.


* : Give to your mother-in-law
** : Rent from a video club
*** : Purchase
**** : Refer to a friend
***** : Collector’s Item




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  1. Why did it take a month after marraige…? Unusual, uninteresting and irrelevant scenes… Movies like this shouldn’t even pass the censors!

  2. I totally agree with this review. LMAO at your rating oo! 1 star?!! hahaha. What you said about the title thing is so true. I mean I could see a nollywood movie title and immediately tell you what the movie is about, without even watching. Pathetic! Hermaphrodite sha?!

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