MOVIE REVIEW: Last Offence

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Movie: Last Offence
Genre: Tragedy
Language: English
Produced/directed by: Ozoemena Chris/ Nonso Emekaekwue
Starring: Rita Dominic, Mike Ezeuronye, Oge Okoye, Michelle Dede

SYNOPSIS: Princess Agu (Rita Dominic) was the only daughter of Chief and Mrs Agu. She was possessed by a mermaid spirit which she inherited from her mother. Princess fell in love with George (Mike Ezeuronye) , Who brought her pain, leaving her with 2 kids. George was later murdered by Suzzy (Oge Okoye) whom he dated before princess. The marine spirits and the police are out to punish the killer.

‘Last Offence’ .I’ll give this title a 6/10, at least for a Nigerian movie. The producer was above average in his decision for a title. Not some cliche phrases that leave us shaking our heads.

The first flaw here was princess wearing make-up hours after delivery. She looked too arranged to have believed she had just brought a set of twins to life. The ward also lacked props. There’s more to what should be found on the side table of a nursing mother than a mere tin of milo and packet of lipton.

Sheila did a good job in delivering her role. She had the exact JJC look of an American citizen visiting Nigeria. Her accent was cool, but of course it’s Michelle Dede. Here, I give credit to the producer for being able to get a character who has an accent, not some ngbeke trying to form it. Lol

The night George was shot at his door, take note of ‘night’ , Sheila ran out of the house putting on a pair of wedge sandals. No, she had not just returned home.

The next scene, George’s mum went in company of police officials to Princess’ house. There’s day and there’s night. Why say ‘Your daughter Princess murdered one Mr George yesterday night’ – the police. Last night would have been a better choice of words. For George’s mum, a woman who lost her son just the night before. She didn’t look grieved, she acted like she had come to confront a thief. Wrong delivery!

When a lawyer says ‘ if you were in the accused shoe’ in a court of law, or ‘what is your relationship with the deceased?’ A re-run would have been the perfect solution. Whatever relationship they had is a thing of the past.

Dear producer, do not overlook. We notice the little things!

I was not comfortable with the age of characters at some point. Why would a mother look older than a grandmother? This was the case of the marine spirits who happen to be princess’ mother and grandmother. I would have preffered a swap of roles.
Talking of suspense, after a scene where the marine spirit reminded princess of her powers and how she can kill George, George was shot in the next scene and the only clue here was a female hand knock on the door. My first guess was princess but then princess won’t need a gun to kill him if she chose to. Well, at the end it turned out to be Suzzy.

The storyline is cool, interesting movie.
lighting, soundtrack, camera techniques were appropriate.
Errmmm whose last offence was it anyway?
Oh yea, Suzzy!


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