Manage your finances with these nifty BlackBerry apps

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Your BlackBerry® smartphone can help you whip your personal finances into shape with a range of handy apps and tools, many of which are available for free from BlackBerry App World™.


From tracking your spending using the Personal Assistant app to safely storing your payment details using the BlackBerry Wallet app, there are plenty of ways that your BlackBerry device can help you keep on top of where your money’s going.


To download BlackBerry App World direct from your BlackBerry smartphone visit


Here are a few great free apps to get you started:


Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant enables you to monitor banking, credit card transactions, and investment accounts, track phone minutes, see itineraries, manage air miles and more. Accounts are updated automatically so there’s no need to manually input any data.


BlackBerry Wallet

BlackBerry Wallet helps make mobile, online purchasing faster and easier. It lets you retrieve information securely stored on your BlackBerry smartphone to help fill in forms with credit card data, reward programme account numbers, shipping information, retail website login details and gift card information.

With just a few clicks, BlackBerry Wallet fills in your information.


ProOnGo Expense Beta with Receipt Reader

This application tracks mileage and expenses right from your BlackBerry smartphone. With ProOnGo’s Receipt Reader service you can capture receipts via the camera on your BlackBerry smartphone. Expense reports with receipt images included can easily be exported or emailed.


MileageTracker Pro

Ensure accurate and timely records of your trips using our MileageTracker Pro. Enter odometer readings and trip details such as purpose, destination, and date of trip. Sync your trip details securely with the MileageTracker Pro website to view, archive and create reports for reimbursement, accounting and tax purposes.



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