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There’s nothing wrong in aspiring or having dreams but what’s wrong is getting carried away by them. We all want to drive fancy cars and live in gigantic mansions without having to break a sweat. We live in ‘real-life fantasies’ that we need to be woken up from.

Life is in stages and phases but we just want to beat the gun and finish first. Like we all say ‘I no wan carry last’. We want to live the ‘future’ in the ‘present’. If you live your future now, what then becomes of your future? Most of us are living on the fast lane and that’s responsible for a lot of ‘young’ deaths today. We keep trying to upset nature’s balance and it’s impossible  – it’s all delicately poised.

Our gargantuan dreams mostly stem from greed and peer pressure. We see our mates driving the latest models while we trek or drive rickety ones, we go to clubs and see our mates popping bottles while we barely afford a can of beer. The list of things we see our mates do is endless so we keep looking till we can take no more. In that instant, we decide we either get rich quick or die trying.

Some of us want more than we can afford. We get so extravagant and live above our means. Because Tom has a suite in a hotel, you too should have one. The problem is Tom’s allowance/income is way more than yours so while he can live in the suite comfortably all year round, you can only lodge in the hotel the first week of every month and survive on breeze for the remaining weeks.

Why don’t we ask ourselves a few questions – How do our rich friends get their money?

The answer is simple- some of them are from rich homes, others are doing nefarious activities like pushing drugs, fraud or rituals while a few are actually into some form of legitimate business. So are you going to disown your parents or put them up for sale on EBAY because they are not as financially buoyant as your friends’? Your mother would remain your mother for eternity and nothing can change that. It’s all part of destiny; all fingers are not equal. The law often catches up with those doing illegal activities. Would you rather serve jail term(s) and become a disgrace to your family?

Next question is if you want to ‘level up’ with your friends what would you do? To that question, I could propose a couple of answers. Firstly, we should take our studies seriously, get good grades and graduate with a good degree. Then, we can get reputable jobs and then do what we want with our earnings. Someone once told me ‘Being broke is not a sin but dying broke is’. By struggling through your teenage years to living lavish as an adult, you have completely turned the tide. Patience is absolutely key. People now say the patient dog does not get crumbs not to talk of the fattest bone, I completely disagree. Secondly, there are many legitimate things undergraduates can do without getting our hands ‘dirty’.

Lastly, we should learn to accept the things we can’t change and come to terms with it. Do not envy anyone, just pray that God will do things in your life the way they were done for that person.

Let’s take time off regularly to evaluate ourselves and check for lapses. Live with a clean mind whilst being focused and determined and we’ll be living the life of our dreams in no time.



Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes himself BLESSED not LUCKY. I would always say it as it is without mincing words. A walking jukebox. I believe I was born to serve God and others. My column - Kaleidoscope. Follow me on twitter @keyedamola


  1. Splendid article… Its easy to envy another person’s ‘success’ but patience (with hardwork and a good head on your shoulders!) will eventually pay off and pay well.

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