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We’ve had terrible relationships, a lot of bad times with boys and a lot of heartaches. We’ve had our hearts broken, crushed, smashed and whatever word it is you can come up with. But then who says BOYS are all bad? Who says there aren’t good ones out there who can make your hearts race, make you smile; make you so happy you want to live the moment forever.

This is to the BOYS that give us a reason to wake up everyday and survive through anything life throws at us.


A reason to be mad about them,

A reason to admire them,

A reason to respect them,

A reason to be crazy about them,

A reason to be passionate about them,

A reason to be esteemed by them,

A reason to LOVE them.


Age has nothing to do with maturity. I didn’t give much thought to this until I met Adedamola. I had just come out of a relationship when I met him, two years younger than my ex – a year older than me.  Not the usual TDH I had always dreamt of. It was never a case of love at first sight – he just proved to be the love of my life gradually; the ONE I’ll always adore. He makes me laugh and after two years, he still hasn’t run out of fun things to make me giggle. He let’s me be me even when I decide to act like a child.  When am wrong, instead of yelling, he let’s me learn from my mistake as gently as possible. Who ever said looks had anything to do with a good boyfriend? Or that age had anything to do with maturity?

GISELLE adores her JAY as she calls him. She’s been through the bad boys, the heartbreakers, the liars, the unbelievable boyfriends and the cheats. She’s been through every phase of heartbreak that she had zeroed her mind on boys and all that came with them, until Jay came into her life. Jay is the prescription that’s worked for her. Amusingly, she already calls herself his Mrs. To think she was going to let this one go because of her past experiences.

The man ELLA adores and would always adore is Emmanuel. He was never her type. Remember what I told you guys about Ella making a certain guy in her life a real man? (Check out CoCo’s Chronicles: My World 101). He told her once told her what you don’t think you want might just be what you need and she gave him a chance and here we are. According to her, he is a good guy, God fearing and God blessed him with a b_ _  _ _ _ _ #okbye.

REANNE thinks single rocks and she is far from adoring any boy at the moment. Reason? Don’t ask me but if there’s any boy ready to make her see things differently, contact me *wink*.  Her profile? Read CoCo’s chronicles; My World 101

ENITAN adores one man, he is always with her, never disappoints, always there, never cheats, and I don’t think would dare to cheat on her – even if Kim Kardashian tempted him. He is always where she places him. Stop guessing!!!  It’s her career. Yeah, she’s that crazy about the thing.


So, this is for girls who think they’ll never get their personal man or who think they’ll never find who they can adore or who think all men bad. I’m saying there is hope after the storm.




I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. @iamsamsie yeah the ones who never even know you love them also but somehow you find yoursef sitting back and loving dem anyways

  2. Thank God you are seein from another perspective…” not all men are playa, but all playas are men”… Just keep up da good work sha.

  3. Nyc,nyc,nyc!!! Coco,‎​̷̷̴ U̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​® ̷̷̴̐ goin places.. And yea,dia ‎​® ̷̷̴̐ stl some nyc guys out there,don’t let τ̲̅ђe bad guys  ‎​̷̷̴ U̶̲̥̅̊ 4rm seein τ̲̅ђe G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ ones,k?

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