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There has been a lot of story about friends and all, but trust me, my friends and I have countless fabulous stories to share with you. There is just always a story with us.


My name is COCO, I’m smart, witty, quite troublesome, fun loving (even though I spend most of my time in front of the TV watching E! mostly),crazy, sarcastic, love to argue (not just love to argue actually, but to win the arguments) and I have the most amazing girlfriends ever. I might sound like a broken record, you might be thinking every girl says her friends are the most amazing ever, but with time, you’ll agree with me. I love the African tradition and all, but hate when people take it to the extreme, for example, wearing traditional clothes to places it shouldn’t be worn i.e the red carpet. I love Neyo. My type of boys? Witty, spontaneous, crazy and very intelligent. I’m a graduate, very single and not really searching. I’m quite hot though *wink* – even if i say so myself. At least, I know boys can’t stop staring at my boobs. 🙂


Meet my friends;


REANNE; A cute 22 year old graduate, mad fun and sweet. And believe me when I say cute. She has that face you want to see on a billboard and then hope there’ll be traffic so you can keep staring. She loves rock music, hip hop and loves dressing up. Her type of men? Erm… I haven’t really figured this out. Sometimes she goes for the very Kanye exterior cool and then crazy/spontaneous next time, so I have concluded that she doesn’t have a particular taste. One thing that stand out about her in the friendship department though is she a full definition of Rhianna’s RUDE *GAL. When she is giving us stories about her sexcapades – its like you’re watching beautifully made porn movie, all stones are left turned – blow for blow(pun intended).


GISELLE; 23 year old law student, who is a complete introvert. Hardly makes friends (although that’s limited to the girls as she makes a lot of boyfriends). Note: she is still as crazy as the rest of us. Her name is absolutely apt – tall, pretty and sexy; and FUNNY plus caring. Boys are generally swooned by her. Her 1st criteria for the guys she let’s into her life – they have to be taller than her. And so far, let’s just say she hasn’t been very lucky in that department. She also loves love. She’s into R&B, Hip Hop… I guess that’s about all – for now. Absolutely crazy about her..


Introducing 21 year old graduate – ELLA. She works with her Uncle at the moment (actually, gets paid by her uncle for doing absolutely nothing). She’s smart and crazy ass fun. You don’t want to mess with this friend of mine, she always has it coming. Recently, made her boyfriend an official man – uncapped him and turning him into a freak (yeah she’s a badass). She got her friends’ backs and would go out of her way to make sure she picks sides with them. She’s not cool, crazy describes her better. She is a naija jukebox and of course the ocassional R&B.


ENITAN; 22 year old Enitan works as a TV producer and is the perfect girl next door (and I don’t mean that the Hugh Hefner way) she’s pretty, nice and is a big motivator. You’re indecisive about a career move or not sure on what step to take? Just let her in and you’ll be halfway gone with it before you know it. She’s crazy and would go out of her way for us (yeah, that sweet). Her type of music? All of the music you can think of (her love for fuji music is unbelievable). She’s been single for a year now and her only ex recently tied the knots (don’t pity her because she doesn’t even remember they dated…nah, not amnesia just that she’s too career oriented) and she’s a good girl so we always have to be explicit with things that have to do with sex when around her, most times we lose patience  and act like she isn’t there.


These are my girls, one thing we have in common from the good girl to the baddest is craze. So I’m sure you want to take this long ride with us. Do you have your favourite girl already? Because you might just have to pitch your tent with a particular one. *huge smiley face*


Welcome to my world peeps – CoCo’s Chronicles, a world where boredom isn’t a language we understand and things are always happening.



Written by CoCo



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. Wow, I love the way you introduced the characters.. Coco’s world sounds interesting already..

    PS: why do I feel that Enitan is not going to remain the way she is??

  2. oh i love Eniatan, fink we share the same personality ‘perfect girl next door’ bt like giselle am Tall have not had the criteria of allowing guys taller than myself bt i have been lucky in that dept. but am abt dating this guy that am a full head taller than * thinking i should change my mind* lol

  3. @realadonye: thanks. Human beings change everyday, who knows, Enitan might too
    @engy: weekly. Like she said, stuff always happen
    @ife:I’m 22years
    @ije: lol

  4. 22yr old E! Watching naija babe??? Pretty much sums it up- DUMB. No offence. Will keep up… Hope u prove me wrong 🙂

  5. @tosin: what age watches E! If I may ask? I’m thinking u’re 12 cos ur comment sounds like u aren’t fully developed. No offence! Cheers!!!

  6. From what has been said about d girls, I think I’d pitch my tent with either the Introvert or d “career”
    Coco is a blend of fun and being domineering.
    Ella— I don’t want to mess
    Reanne… I don’t no.

    Nice piece… U av got urself a constant reader.

  7. U’v gat a gud tin goin coco,note dis; a lot of comments wil com in som to encourage and odas to discourage,u knw wat u nid to build up frm al bin said rite?wrk wif ur instinct and wrk wif comments dat u fil wil positively affect nt seein u wr u ar rite nw,wr am seein u is far above ur present u. Alwys remenba dat we ar al dwellers in d threshold of academics and network of destiny,despite d spikes of thunderbolt,d stormy sea wil calm again.its ur tyme girl…enjoy it.

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