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We all claim we want a good boy, well mannered, no bad attitude and all the other things that makes up a good enough to take home to mother boy – but truth be told we never or rather some of us girls never fulfill this; it remains a fantasy for most of us. We end up falling in love with the bad ones and don’t ever want them to go. They always seem to be more fun than the good ones and the bad things they do make our hearts race. Here are our accounts of the Bad Boys We Never Let Go Of.


Let’s talk about Reanne’s bad boy;

His name is OJ, tall not very good looking but fine. OJ and Reanne met through me and I told her from the first night I had them introduced that she had to be careful not to fall in love with him because I knew OJ and his ways. Well, Reanne assured me it was never going to happen and that OJ was just going to be her sponsor. Sponsor not the usual way but the Teairra Mari way – you know the guy that buys your stuff and pays all your bills.

OJ as a successful yahoo boy didn’t have any problem spending. He took good care of my girl Reanne and took her places in and out of the country. Reanne was living the life and loving it. Until the life wasn’t the only thing she was loving – she started loving the man who gave her the life. Now all of my girls have one thing in common; the denial stage and the acceptance stage.  The denial stage is when they say “I am not falling in love with him, I know what I’m saying” and every other person can see they are. The acceptance stage is when they say “I can’t believe I fell in love with him. It was so sudden”. Am sure you’re thinking I go through these stages – I so don’t.

Anyway moving on…

We could all see Reanne’s love with this man but of course she was in stage one; the denial stage. One bright morning, Reanne woke up telling all of us she wanted to make a special dish for OJ, she needed someone to follow her – Ella volunteered (I hate market things). They went out bought all the delicious things ever and came home to make it. After the food was done, Reanne picked up her phone to tell OJ she was already on her way. The only thing we heard her say was ‘Hello’ and then her expression changed from that of excitement to shock. We all asked what the problem was at once and then she placed the phone on speaker.

Here goes the conversation;

“I’m in the middle of something…yeah babe you’re the best…hmm just call me back…yeah” we all listened in shock as OJ talked from the other end while he was obviously having sex.  Reanne collapsed with tears and we all held her “It was so sudden” she exclaimed wailing (she didn’t sob or cry, she wailed).

“What was sudden?” Ella asked.

“Falling in love with him” Reanne replied and we all exchanged glances. Of course it was sudden. So sudden we were all aware weeks before this very moment. After she asked him the next day why he did that he told her “Na only your vagina you wan make I dey follow ni?. I have too much money to do that” (yeah, he did say that).

Reanne eventually got over that episode but it didn’t stop her from letting OJ come in once in a while. That’s her bad boy, she has never really let go of.

Now let’s move to Ella’s bad boy;

Ella’s bad boy earned one title from me, Baddest boy of all times. And that’s because he didn’t only upturn Ella’s world, he also did things to her that made us shocked beyond words, shocked beyond any bad boy has ever made any of us and is still the most consistent bad boy any one of us has ever been with.


Ella met her Baddest boy in our year one while she was trying to spite her then boyfriend. She used baddest boy and then refused to let go of baddest boy because…what was that reason again? Can’t remember because it didn’t make sense. Her then boyfriend begged her to stay with him but she was done with all his “BS” and she broke up and left.

Let me give you a little of Baddest boy’s profile.

Name: Baddest boy

Type of girls: No specific type as long as she has a vagina

Lying ability: Extremely high lying abilities

Number of girlfriends: Three and still counting (they all had their positions).

Financial status: Broke but at least has his cousin’s car to cruise around in

NB: Baddest boy isn’t fine.

Back to the story, baddest boy had been doing a lot of unacceptable things to our friend and we kept telling her to leave him but she insisted she wasn’t in love with him (yeah, denial stage). I’m sure you’d like to hear the unacceptable things he did to her.

He once told her to leave his house because his girlfriend was outside (first girlfriend). When Ella started ranting and telling him how stupid he was to say that, he pushed her out and told his first girlfriend she was one girl who will never let go of him. He pushed her out of his car in public places severally and borrowed money from her without ever paying back once. He borrowed her accommodation money from her once and didn’t return it when she had to pay it. Ella had to lie to her father and we had to back her up by saying thieves broke into her apartment and stole the money. Her father asked why she didn’t take it to the bank and we formed more lies (a terrible time because I became scared the man would find out). Anyway, Ella kept forgiving baddest boy and me for one, got tired of what they had because it was hurting her and she was just too stupid to see it.

Well, baddest boy decided to date a girl in Ella’s class. Now, Ella’s class was a large one but the girl baddest boy decided to add to his ever growing bank of women stood out anywhere. Not because she was so hot and pretty but because she was lousy, razz and so not fine(rolling my eyes). Lola as she was called went out of her way to provoke Ella and Ella who never hesitates to give it back to anyone that tries to mess with her, had Lola beaten in her room. I hated this part because I had warned Ella several times but she still had a way of dragging me into her mess. We got over this terrible episode (school authorities took it serious) and begged Ella to move on which she did only for a little while.  Sigh.

Let’s get to Giselle’s bad boy – To be continued in the next CoCo’s Chronicles 😉 Wouldn’t want you lot complaining of a long read. 🙂



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. Hmmm….y now!dnt mk us wait to long for d concluding part.a lot of us females can relate to this,one way or d we no lie o!nice piece coco but really wat’s wit d almst black american names *not hating*

  2. Tomi, truth b told? Nice piece! @ Modee, how u de? I de see u for nobs I no gree see u for real life, na wa O. @Coco, Ehen, do I get a spot on d bad boys thing? #grin#

  3. Nah wao, coco, I dont even know want comment to write having read all your articles today…still booting sha… Not a bad one sha!

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