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Giselle and her bad boy met while we were in our second year. Charles was a sweet, caring and very funny guy who stayed in the same hostel block as we did.

Charming Charles and Giselle kicked it off almost as soon as they set eyes on each other. Charles wasn’t your typical bad boy – never loud, or unnecessarily crazy and even appreciated Giselle’s friends by going out of his way to ensure we were comfortable.

I am sure you’re eager to find out why he belongs to this part of my chronicles. Well, unfortunately with Charles, his Achilles heel was lying. I’m sure if you searched for the definition of liar anywhere, Charles’ face would be there. I believe if lying was a job he’ll be topping the Forbes list as the greatest and richest liar ever.

Here is a little back story, apparently before Charles and Giselle met, Charles was hard on the case of a certain Chelsea. They had known each other since their secondary school days but Chelsea played a little too hard to get and he had to move on after a while since she wasn’t on the same page with him. Then he meets beautiful Giselle, which brings us to my real gist.

Just a month after Charles and Giselle started dating, Chelsea resurfaced. She came to write post UME and so stayed a few weeks with her cousin who stayed off campus.  He runs into Chelsea and its back to secondary school love at first sight. Giselle found out about the new lady in her boyfriend’s life but he claimed it was a harmless relationship and they were just catching up on old times. Anyway, my girl finds out the real truth from Charles’ basketmouth brother that Chelsea was in fact a blast from Charles’s past life.  This of course gets Giselle into a frenzy and she ends up having a huge huge fight with her lover boy.

Since Charles was a sweet heart – he got his way back with my girl especially since the lady in question was apparently done with her UME and out of the Uni surroundings. This of course made it easy for Giselle to move on and continue with her boyfriend and counted that event as a bad episode. Well after about a week or so, Chelsea appeared in our hostel again. Giselle asked what she was doing around and Charles claimed not to know a thing about it. One night, while we were coming back from school, we caught both of them making out behind his room. Giselle said hi and walked past. Charles followed and begged. Giselle told him it was over but he started crying, he woke us up every morning with his teary pleas and begged me to talk to Giselle. Giselle went back and he promised not to even say hi to Chelsea again.

Then weeks after, Giselle and I while going out to get breakfast saw Chelsea in Charles boxers coming out of his room. Giselle walked over to his room and asked what that was about and she had a very big fight with Charles. The fight got physical and I had to drag her to our room with the help of one of Charles’ friends. When Charles’ friend got to our room he begged Giselle to let go of Charles so as not to cause her much pain. I asked him why he of all people would ask his friend’s girlfriend to leave and then he told us all what Charles had been up to. The only time Charles didn’t know of Chelsea’s arrival was the first time she came, every other time had been planned by Charles. The day we walked past them making out, Charles had told Chelsea that Giselle was his close friend who got angry because he forgot her birthday (crazy lie right?) and the highest of it all? Charles and Chelsea had been dating since the week she came for her post UME. Giselle thought she was going to die of heart-break, she missed a couple of tests because she couldn’t get out of bed and read anything. As a good friend, I stood by her because nobody, not even me who sometimes claims to see the future, saw this one coming.

My Bad boy episode.

Here’s the bad boy who rocked my world and left me heartbroken, in just two weeks. I met Dami through Reanne in my first year but then that was all. We weren’t attracted to each other nor did we say anything more than hello. We met again in my year two and he asked for my number and that was the genesis of it all.

I was dating my then boyfriend, Seun and he was never around. I always crave attention in my relationships and there is nothing I love more than spending time with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, Seun never had this type of time and didn’t belong to my school of thought either. Dami however, did belong to this school of thought. He was sweet, nice and very caring. He was more interested in everything I was doing in school and things happening in my life than he was in my vagina. So, we kinda started moving in on each other a little too fast. I don’t know which one was more interesting at the time, the fact that I was doing something bad and hiding from my boyfriend or the part that the boy I was involved with was the sweetest thing since honey.

I fell in love with him. It was uncalculated, unexpected and unprepared for. When he noticed I was in love with him, he told me I had nothing to worry about. And then three days later, I had something to worry about. My boyfriend found out about us and broke up with me. I ran to Dami and what did I find? Dami, sleeping with a friend. I knew the girl since my year one and even though we weren’t close, we always attended same parties, always said hi and talked once a while. I knew it wasn’t her fault, she probably didn’t know we had stuff going on. I went home and cried on Giselle’s shoulders. Dami never came to say sorry or explain himself. I didn’t know which one hurt more, Dami or Seun but I cried for both anyway. I ran into Dami weeks after and he said “You knew we weren’t going to last. We didn’t plan for love, didn’t want you mixing things up”. What I said? I just smiled and walked past.

Enitan has had just a boyfriend in her short dating life, so no bad boy experience.

But apart from my friend Enitan, every girl has had a bad boy experience. This would be correct, Yes?




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  1. I definately like Mr Charles(the liar) and Dami is a smooth criminal…
    The fact is girls are attracted to bad boys and every babe needs to pass through this phase.

    Nice write up,keep up the good work. *thumbs up*

  2. omg my bad boy experience was crazy, as in right out of a movie, bt thank God am soooo over it *bbm relieved smiley*… bt i dont regret it cos it has made me much smarter (boyfriend-wise lol) and i appreciate my current boyfriend a million times over!!

  3. Funny isn’t it? I know a guy jst like Charles…lol liars, they are all over the place..Good piece tho’ totally enjoyed it *thumbs up*

  4. Just like Alexandra Burke sang.the bad boys are always catching our eyes and always in our hearts. We know they are bad for us yet cannot let go *sigh*

  5. @frohawchic: thanks dear
    @qhaycee: boys are never bad for anyone’s health. But if u look @ d name of d article u’ll realise it’s titled BAD boys not all boys

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