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It’s true what my mum says about a man’s word and it’s relation to the size of his brain.

‘A man’s spoken words says much about the size of his heart, his written words reveals the quality of his brain.’

This is a saying that has been tried, tested and proven a gazillion times on the unsuspecting male ‘lab rats’ I have come across- and just like a number of smart men I’m now friends with, He stood out.

His words challenged the storyteller in me while his stories floored me effortlessly. The fluency and ease with which he narrated intriguing details of his life kept me coming back for more- and with the advent of the smart phone into my life, bookmarking his page was the right thing to do.

Like every other consistent and ardent reader of his works, I went back and read all his other pieces. There were times I envied him, and other times I scoffed at this gift of his. His ability to churn out tales that invoked strong feelings in me was just absurd seeing as I only allowed music and a few other necessary ‘evil’ to flay my emotions in this manner. I read on week after week in spite of the presence of the green-eyed, mammoth sized monster. I even became a small part of his blogosphere- dropping a comment after each new post. An act meant to encourage as well as appreciate his works.

I should point out, he is ‘besties’ with a ‘bestie’. So I guess it was inevitable that we would be friends. In the beginning, she was the go-between, relaying pointers he would give on how to go about my writing- tips and treats. He even ‘scissorsed’ a piece of mine one time- an act that upped his respect level in my books. This single act of his encouraged me and made me write even when I felt ’twas just junkings- at least I had a reader, my partner-in-amebo and all things good and bad in-between Bubu (the bestie).

It was she, who gave my pin to him and who got us to meet- well at least in the cyber world.

Everything I thought I had gleaned about him from his writings was just about true. He is a smart talker- better writer, has low tolerance for bad English (those types we call typo and gbabauns) and is a sweet guy- toblerone has got nothing on him.

Out of outrage at the 150% hike in fares this past Easter, I decided- for 5mins- to stay back in Lagos. Ever the nice one, he offered for us to hangout. Him, me and our mutual bestie. Of course I jumped at the offer- an opportunity to meet him in person and most importantly the free food and things.  #teamfreebies.

As fate will have it, things didn’t pan out the way I wanted, I travelled for the holidays and took a rain check. Some weeks past, we decided to do movies. While we made plans, the gods of everything boring went to work. Suffice to say, Zeus was kind enough to issue me another rain-check. There was yet another planning in the pipeline, but he wasn’t going to be in Lagos till late- another cancellation. Truth be told, it feels like I have known him for awhile, hence the near-absence of any anxiety about meeting him.

Although we haven’t gotten around to meeting each other outside the virtual realm, I refer to him as a friend. Anyone who will patiently read through the gibberish I write and point out where I need to work on, is a friend. Anyone who will give up his time and commit himself to walking me through this entry level of writing is more than a hero, he is my friend. Anyone who will offer to pay for my movie, buy me sharwarma, coke, chocolates and popcorn on a movie-date, is definitely a friend.

Dear readers and friends I present to you my dear friend and fellow blogger….Franque.



The first time I heard about her, it was to tell me someone liked my work. It meant a lot to me especially at the time, because she was the first person outside of close friends and family to tell me so personally. Ok, not personally, but through a mutual friend.

The next time I heard from her it was to ask me to look at something she had written. I panicked! I was going to be uncovered for the fraud I was.

I had read somewhere that if you can’t dazzle people with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. And that was basically what I had done all this while on 360nobs – at least in my eyes.

Yes, I panicked. But she was not going to take no for an answer, so I accepted to look at her article.

With music playing from my earphones straight to my brain, I read her work. Two things hit me immediately: Where I was green, she was greener so it was going to be easy to talk my way out of this one; The second thing was the potential she represented. I saw in her words the future – if she was willing to work on it and play to her strengths. What I took away from all that though was that I had to better myself first, to avoid such close calls.

When I learnt from our mutual friend that she had won the first 360nobs date, I went to the page to read her comment. To say I was impressed by how much better she sounded, will be putting it mildly.

Then the date came and went, and her account was posted. Again I was struck by how much potential she had. The comments that trailed her post told me I was not wrong, and I was happy to hear Nobs had offered her a place on 360nobs. I was not afraid that she would not shine, I worried about her staying power. My worry did not stop me from eagerly awaiting her first official post.

When the post went up I heard, but waited a few hours before reading it. I knew the swelling I suffered was not from an allergic reaction because it was in my chest region. I did not need time to analyse what it was because I knew that swelling in my chest was PRIDE.

I was proud to have known her before 360nobs; I was proud of how she had grown in the time since; I was proud of the ways I knew she can, and will grow. Simply put, I was all kinds of proud!

Over time we have fixed to meet up for movies, but my schedule has been all over the place like a pregnant woman’s hormones. One of these days I know I will meet with her, and then I will tell her how proud I am of her.

Without further ado I give you a sister, friend and fellow apprentice in the wordsmith’s workshop: Chidinma!



I am the personification of Brutally blunt and Witty. I love my jokes funny, my music loud and my gists, colourful. I live my life by rules- my rules- and make no apologies for why I act the way I do. I define creativity as the act of evolving and evolving... Suffice to say that life and I are on first name terms- he is crazy about me too!


  1. *standing ovation* you did put ur heart to this…. It’s d best work of yours I’ve read.. Glad I introduced u to franque… Lookin forward to more write ups..
    *big hug*

  2. Yay!Two ov my fav writers… How sweet!from d 1st day I read Franque’s work,I wuz hooked. Dude sure has a way wid words.
    Chidinma is also such a fantastic writer as evident frm her comment on d 360date nd every post since den.
    Lovely read dis morn as is expected wen 2 brilliant minds work 2geda.
    P.S. I fink I’m d 1st to leave a comment. *dancing alanta*

  3. Chidinma,Am glad 2know am not alone on #TeamFreebies 🙂 and I can understand how admiration can reign despite “presence of the green-eyed, mammoth sized monster” called jeolousy. You are right dat he’s a fine writer and am a lil “green-eyed” dat not only did U win dat 360date wiv d CAPable Mr, U also hav d priviledge of havin him as ur “blogger-hero”.
    As 4Franque,am laFfin real hard at “if you can’t dazzle people with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”

  4. I’m back, Chidinma I’ve read all ur prior posts and with each new one you’ve gotten better, this is simply “breath taking”. Thank you for bringing sunshine to a wet random wednesday morn and Franque just so u knw u’re an inspiration to dis female. Thank you both for this. I loved every single line.

  5. whenever I read one of k’s article’s I feel like i’m reading a page from her personal journal,cause her words are fresh and in a way vulnerable. Unlike the spunky girl I met back then. Keep it up I always enjoy reading your work.

  6. Such a beautiful read. Its the clash of two fantastic writers. Would definitely bookmark this page ‘cos I’d love to read it over & over again! Thumbs up fellas!

  7. Thanx guys. As this is not my page, iWill try n keep it short.
    @ Jazz: glad u liked this post. Will like to do sum’n wiv u one of these days. Silliness may not be my forte, but iAm almost sure iQualify as a silly person;
    @ Everyone else: DUEts continue on Friday here on Y’all can ff @chidifeps n @franque_521

  8. yay am d first. deep sigh at chidinmas perfect description of what franques writings does to took the words(and finetuned them I must say) out of my mouth. kudos to u franque, another good one.I wasn’t expecting anything less from u tho.

  9. Dear Both,
    I’m totally happy to be your colleague.
    This right here is the issh.
    God will continue to inspire and bless you totally.
    Nice 1.

  10. It took me a while to understand that Chidinma was writing about Franque and Franque about chidinma but it makes for a good read. Chidinma and Franque are my favorite 360nobs writers aside nobs himself though.
    God bless you two!

  11. @Tomboxe: Boo dats exactly wot I tot when I read dis! Methinks u’ve hacked my brain
    @Chidinma: It wud be a pleasure to do a duet wiv u I’d love to unleash ur inner “nuisance”

  12. @choco- thank u
    @bubu- words r just nt enuff…*tight hug*
    @miz parker- I see u…*bow*thanks for d compliment
    @matelly- can’t wait 2 read wat u2 two came up wit.#teamfreebies
    @gorgeous- am smiling too
    @tomboxe- bin there *grin*
    @Jazz- wow! Thank u…btw I tink u do justice to every piece u write #nuffsed
    @louisa- thanks a million dear…
    @joan- I am humbled much
    @Franque- I c u…thank u(tho u’v heard it a lot…daalu Nna)
    @I know- I know rite..dude is good
    @Nobs…We rep 360anytime.
    @mistang- merci!

  13. @mabijo- my heart’s aflutter. Thankings!
    @jazz-it will b an honour…inner nuissance *winks*..iLikey
    Can’t wait to read wat u n Franque will produce.

  14. Wow, Chidinma, I was blown away by your writing skills and you bet I went back to read all your previous posts. I’m glad my coz sent me this link (oh yeah, big ups coz but you already know…) I’m glad you’ve joined the 360Nobs family and I look forward to more of your entertaining works.

    Two Thumbs up!!

  15. Nice piece chidinma, writting is your thing u do it with total ease. I pray you get to heights wit ds including a nobel prize. Gon on gal

  16. Wow! It’s amazing how you open up when you write. As a friend, I am proud of you too Chidinma. If you have always had a passion for writing, then you are living one of your dreams and its the start of something great. Thank you Franque for encouraging her.

  17. Intelligence has meant brilliance n trust me when I say it dazzles… jeweler and I have eyes for diamonds…Chidinma and Franque, NICE ONE

  18. @Frankscoz…*now performing the atilogu gig* I am a HUGE fan of ur work…the story and how u tell it is just superb.thank u 4 gracing my page…it means a lot
    @swwetseexteen-thank u Mme
    @Mike- thanks
    @Taz-i thank him too o!
    @Bigace- thanks for stopping by

  19. This is an extraordinary piece, the style of writing and choice of words are impeccable. Franque and Chidinma- you guys are simply divine.*thumbs up*

  20. @Frankscoz- nah flattery has never been my thing. *curtsy* I am truly abased by ur kind words…
    @Abido- dear familia, thank u for stopping by.

  21. A well written piece. I await the day franque wud dare to dsappoint me wiv hz writing skills. Chidinma, a job well done. Nice reading a piece frm yu… Thanks to Frank. Bravo!!!

  22. i have just one thought..and all this was written with just 26 alphabets? it makes for a thoroughly entertaining read. i can’t imagine what my lunchbreak would’ve looked like without this piece. Chindinma and Franque; wrods fali me.

  23. @Roli- I await ur turn…#franque’sduets
    @andy-i am so proud of u too sjb
    @Gab- 26alphabets? But I used some symbols too na..jk..thanks for stopping by

  24. Toblerone has nothing on him? Hmmm? Well to each his own lol I can attest to his way with words tho its what put me in trouble u both are my fav writers chidinma ure quite amazing and honestly if I wasn’t such a chicken I’d try my hand at writing just to see if talent does rub off. This is awesome n I think I have to find new words to appreciate ur literary genius cos I believe I’ve worn out amazing and fab n all the good ones. Thumbs up people

  25. @ stranger i second dt, if i wasnt such a chicken i wud av definitely tried my hands on writing. @ franque and chi ya all intimidate d hell outa me. Am a big big fan of u franque and now u chi,ds s ur first work av read. U guys r simply wow.

  26. @stranger- since I’m scared the number of thank u’s on d page will jump me, lemme just say…u humble me wiv ur kind words
    @Franque- oya pass to ur page..ogini nu?
    @Uk- I am xtrimly pleased by ur compliment. I used to b so scared of writing too. Start with a phrase, then a sentence, then a paragraph- it could b about anything or even nothing. Trust me, it’ll b a great start

  27. Franque!!!>..I am so glad a friend introduced me to this blog…U r MY KIND of writer…ur romance with words just makes me go weak!!!

  28. Oh ne’er mind Franque, found them. Need I say more? That I actually couldn’t wait for directions on how to find the other duets says something about the duets themselves… always, I am kept in love with your writng Franque. Miss Chidinma, from the other’s testimonies, here I go in search of your other write-ups. Well done “bintiful” people.

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