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Juliet David-West is a Health and Safety analyst as well as a bag/accessory designer. She is the lady behind the upcoming Nigerian brand JIDZ. All bags are hand crafted and produced here in Nigeria. The brand has been around for over 2 years and a regular at Le Petit Marche(LPM). JIDZ is for the lady who wants a one-of-a-kind item. JIDZ brand consists of beautifully made bags in great shapes and the use of specially sourced fabrics and leather in fantastic colours. Check out some of the amazing creations and the process into making one.

FASHION PHOENIX (FP): Tell us about the brand JIDZ?

JULIET IBIAPUBA DAVID-WEST (JIDW): JIDZ was coined from Juliet Ibiapuba David-West.  It could have ended up as JID, but felt it needed a ‘Z’ from my nickname Julz for a stronger appeal. The brand started approximately two years ago producing bags. Over the past months we have included other accessories such as Cheque-book holders, Briefcases, Phone pouches, Notebook cases, Belts, Ipad cases, etc. which are all in limited stock.


FP: What inspired you into making bags?

JIDW: A means of exploring my creativity. I have a day job as a Health Environment and Safety analyst in a leading Oil and Gas company. I knew I needed to explore my mind on a creative scale as well and designing bags was the solution.

A mixed leather and damask black silver clutch bag from the 2010 JIDZ collection

A purple (Marvin) clutch bag from the 2010 JIDZ collection

A JIDZ briefcase – Damselaliday in Orange from the 2011 JIDZ collection

A collection the Velvet Edition cheque book holders from the 2011 JIDZ collection

FP: What is the process of making your bags and what material do you use?

JIDW: The design process really depends. I can decide on a collection, start sourcing for elements that will harness the collection followed by series of meetings with the fantastic members of the team. Then, during the sourcing stage, can be inspired by a new hardware, fabric etc and another design will be born which I might decide to add or keep like most pieces from the JIDZ 2011 collection, which were designed as far back as March 2010 and we have just released them this quarter. Our main materials are semi-precious and precious stones, lush fabrics like Lace, Velvet, Silk and of course leather which can be Cow, Goat or special leathers such as Ostrich, Crocodile or Vicuna which are exclusively used for clients on the JIDZ privé list.

The front and side of the Damselaliday briefcase showing off the Damask finish

The Crescent in Blue Breaks with Suede, part of the 2011 JIDZ collection

The Amatieye Elite bag in Fuchsia Pink, Yellow and White (part of the 2011 JIDZ collection)showing off the patchwork with some materials from the 2010 collection.

FP: What makes the JIDZ bags different from other international/national hand crafted bags?

JIDW: There are 3 things which differentiate the JIDZ bag. These special characters were set in stone after a research which took months to analyze – were we found no local brand having at least ONE of the three characters or an International brand combining these 3 characters, the JIDZ elements became

  • Signature pearl accents (exclusively JIDZ) on each bag;
  • All bags are lined with raw silk and;
  • The one-of-a-kind policy.
  • Showing the Signature Pearl accents on the JIDZ bags.

    FP: Where does your inspiration come from and how do you coin the names for your bags?

    JIDW: Generally, inspired by things around me, my environment, different cultures I come across, the feel and shape of raw materials, you name it as long as I can draw an artistic inspiration from it, it’s filtered through the designing of the bags. In terms of the naming convention, some of the names are derived from their shape, an example would be the Roulette with its round look, or what it reminds me of, like Sylvie, which reminds me of my sister, Sylvia.

    The Crescent in Desert Fushia with perforated Suede, part of the 2011 JIDZ collection

    The Crescent in Burgundy forest  with Suede, part of the 2011 JIDZ collection

    The Amatieye Elite-Fuchsia Pink bag part of the 2011 JIDZ collection.

    FP: For the readers to know more about Juliet David-West, i’d like who your favourite designers (local and international) are?

    JIDW: Internationally – Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfield, Alber Elbaz for Lanvin and locally
    Deola Sagoe, I always look forward to her new collection – Designer Extraordinaire. “Sey bi Na Deola”(chuckles).
    Ituen Basi, the way she twist, cuts, shreds Ankara, always amazed how they turn out so perfectly fused together.
    Moofa, the Denim queen! Her designs comfortably make denim on the red carpet look fantastic!
    Bridget Awosika, her 2011 collection makes a definite statement.


    FP: What is your aspiration for “JIDZ” and where do you see the brand in 5 years?

    JIDW: For both questions, I will simply say a brand to reckon with.


    FP: What word of advice would you have for upcoming designers?

    JIDW: If your 100% sure of what you have to offer, don’t give up, do not doubt your abilities, keep your focus and the “break” will definitely come. Above all, be prayerful.

    A clutch bag in part of the 2010 JIDZ collection.

    FP: Where are the JIDZ brand items stocked and your contact details?

    JIDW: We currently stock at Designers Outlet, 4th floor Mega Plaza, Victoria Island, Lagos.

    Emails can be sent to us at jidz.mailus@gmail.com.

    We’ll receive calls on these numbers 08039318166, 07062279484, 07879985660.

    For up-to- date information on the brand, while we currently develop our website, kindly join our group, as well as like our page on FACEBOOK (Jidz Limited Edition).

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    1. I’m full of awe! So creative and beautifully crafted! Young ladies are definitely making their mark in nigerian fashion. Only a matter of time before we are a force to be reckoned with internationally…

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