360News: Kanye West, Jay-Z Watch The Throne Tracklisting Surfaces …D’Banj features on ‘Anthem’

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As with all rumours, you should take this with a pinch of salt, but an unconfirmed track-listing for the epic KanyeWest/Jay-Z team-up “Watch the Throne” has surfaced. The 1st single (or so we thought) “H.A.M.” released in January, 2011 is notably missing.

On this unconfirmed track-list, Mr Endowed gets featured on the last joint “Anthem


Sources say that the 10-track album doesn’t have a finalised  release date (Although it is rumored to be out in July, 2011) and track-listing due to ongoing contract negotiations with other new members of GOOD Music who will also be featured on the album


  1. Lift Off (ft Beyonce & Bruno Mars)
  2. Murder To Excellence
  3. Illest Mother(f**ker) Alive
  4. Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip)
  5. That Sh*t Crazy
  6. Living So Italian
  7. Who Gonna Stop Me?
  8. Whole Lifetime
  9. We Are Young
  10. Anthem (ft D’Banj)


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  1. Kanye West looks really good in such a mysterious way, its sending chills down my spin. I don’t whether I’m turned on or just plain scared.

  2. @mide You do know wikipedia can be edited by the deaf and blind right?? no disrespect to the special peeps…

  3. not sure if ur track listing is correct, just check another website a link from mtv base and some of the tracks u listed are not there and u didnt add some that are actually there. and the realease date has been pushed forward to jully 2012

  4. teah my bad, just check the tracklisting again from mtv base. sure its correct….. bonus tracks on he album includes the singles H.A.M and thats my bitch

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