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Intelligent is the girl who knows how to make her wardrobe work for her, in these modern times style is no longer judged by how many pairs of shoes you are physically able to balance in your shopping bag or how many cocktail dresses you’ve invested in. Style is a multitude of things including; how well you can make limited pieces work for you. Imagine this; you set out to travel for a couple of days but end up staying the entire week.

What do you immediately think of is how; you neglected to pack more clothes and accessories, a girl with true style can turn her granny’s anakara scarf into a chic turban or a sarong for the beach. The modern stylista, can dress up or dress down her old faded pair of jeans with her eyes closed. The trick is to use your imagination and think; if I were meeting with my worst enemy today, I would pull out all the stops to make a lasting impression. So, roll up your sleevs because here’s how to make 12 staple pieces work brilliantly for you.




Monday: Blind date

Blind dates are not only nerve racking but very tricky when it comes to dressing for them, first impressions are paramount so you want your outfit to do the talking before you introduce your fabulous self. You want an ensemble that says; I made a conscious fashion effort, but I want it to look like I effortlessly threw everything on.




Tuesday: Champagne luncheon

Champagne luncheons or events are particularly fun as there’s always free booze. Pick an outfit that is glamorous but skimming enough to hide your belly after all that alcohol consumption. You don’t want to introduce yourself to important people with a bloated belly.



Wednesday: Drinks & gossip with the girls

You are in your ultimate comfort zone and if you show up in pyjama bottoms, the girls won’t give you a tough time. But when there’s a slight chance of having an encounter with destiny, there’s no excuse to not look effortlessly chic.




Thursday: Girl about town

Running errands should come with 100% comfort, your favourite pair of jeans and sparkly flats are an instant way to update your look.



Friday: Club hopping

Friday nights are for statement jewellery, THAT DRESS and gravity defying heels. Stop at nothing to be the centre of attention by the bar or on the dance floor. You are afterall worth it.

Saturday: Shopping at the leather market

Colour blocking jumpsuit? CHECK. Super duper comfy slippers? CHECK. Now all you need is your wallet and some serious bargaining skills.

Sunday: Beach party

Free food, music, gorgeous weather and great company, for this you want to be comfortable enough to let loose and have fun.



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