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This season embraces the rocker chic/ glam goth look. It’s all about tough and hard textures, paired with softer fabrics to infuse glamour and rock & roll into your everyday look. The modern rock and roll look isn’t about spikes and leather overkill, take a que from Rihanna by pairing softer pieces to create a modern mixture and giving your ensemble a distinctive look.


The soft rock look caters to the less adventurous, pick an item that’s tough looking and goth inspired. Then work your entire wardrobe around that. Rihanna wears soft pieces but toughens up her look with a pair of black leather booties.


Go 100% rock and roll glam by choosing edgy and tough pieces to create an outfit, keep it glamorous with crystal jewellery and patent heels and purses. You’ll look every inch the rock and roll kitten when you pair edgy pieces together.


The glamour punk look is inspired by the “Spoilt Princess” look. Achieving a cross between super girlie and goth is easy as long as you have key pieces in place. Pull out your girliest frock from your wardrobe, paired with a power blazer and gravity defying black courts. The more spikes on any piece of jewellery, the better.


If you don’t have spiky jewellery or black leather accessories, edgy shoes are an instant way to show your rock and roll side. Black heels with spikes, studs, zippers and encrusted skulls make the cute. They can be paired with a fuschia pink short number for a night out, with a pair of harem pants and a crop top for dinner, and if you’re willing to widen your fashion horizons; team edgy shoes with a floral maxi for a day look. It’s all in the shoes.


The oldest make up trick in the book surely has to be the smokey eye, it is one look that is timeless and has constantly been re-invented over the years. The smokey eye is originally inspired by rock and roll music and stands for all things confident and different. Give your beauty routine an edge with some smokey eye and nude glossy lips, and who said it can’t be worn for day time? Sweep over some silver eyeshadow and contour with a bit of black eye colour. You instantly have your smokey day time look.



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