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What I love most about discovering a true beauty junkie, is appreciating how passionate ordinary people can be about a certain craft. (NO FORMAL TRAINING NECESSARY). Kiki is one of those rare individuals, I mean the girl has never had any formal make up or beauty training but her eye blending skills and her ability to hunt out beauty bargains and discover new brands will rival even the most experienced beauty professional. Kiki is fun, impulsive, and expressive (especially with her make-up). She isn’t scared to experiment or layer on eyelash extensions and scarlet red lipstick, her brows are always perfect and she just might have a panic attack if she runs out of eyeliner.

KIKI: To me, beauty is feminine flawlessness. I love fresh faces, simple make-up with color! I have big eyes so I love to accentuate them! I think the essence of a woman’s beauty can be compared to a flower. A beautiful blossoming rose that awakens in the morning in all her colorful yet natural radiance and sets with the sun in a peaceful manner still glistening in the moonlight. Yes, to me, A woman’s beauty lies in her ability to be like a flower! Beautiful, Radiant, Natural, Simple and Colorful.

She’s the kind of friend you can run to bare faced and ask for a makeover to make the ex jealous.


KIKI: Personally, I Cleanse my face EVERYDAY with Simple Face cleansing Wipes I do this when I wake up and before I go to bed. Then, I wash my face with Simple Exfoliating face wash (every morning). I also moisturize my face with Simple Light Moisturizer every morning. I use a light moisturizer because I have oily skin and heavy moisturizers would only clog up my pores and make my face greasy. HOWEVER, I have to stress to girls who have oily skin the importance of using a moisturizer. Just because your skin is oily does not exempt you from using a moisturizer!!! Use a light one if necessary. I Tone my face BEFORE moisturizing but AFTER washing with Body Shop Cuccumber face Toner. I also do this daily.


And I use a face scrub once a week & a face mask once a week. The face scrub I use is the Simple Face scrub for sensitive skin and the face mask I use is LUSH cosmetics ‘cupcake’ Fresh Face Mask.


In the time I’ve observed her, she has never implied that perfecting your make up skills is a difficult task. She makes indulging in beauty every sense of the word FUN!


It’s important to widen your make up and beauty horizons by experimenting with colour and creating numerous alter ego looks. Kiki shows just how easy and fun that is.

KIKI: One of my WORST beauty mistakes actually happened to me recently, and I am a little embarrassed to say it, but I will say it just incase anybody else is ever in the same situation.. Two weekends ago I went to get my side burns waxed off my face and that was fine..then I came home and proceeded with my usual skin care routine. Unfortunately for me, the night I got home, I was due for a face scrub, so I scrubbed my face and I used my exfoliating wash….BAD IDEA!!!! This was such a bad idea because it irritated the suddenly opened hair cuticles and pores on my face (were my side burns were) and it caused me to break out TERRIBLY!! I had these huge red spots on the side of my face…It was so bad *sad face* But I continued to follow my skin care routine and drank plenty of water and wore no make -up and after a few days my spots were gone!

KIKI: I like to use Simple products because the contain very few harsh chemicals as they are made for people with sensitive skin and they are also very affordable! I also love using LUSH cosmetics because they are natural and handmade, and I am a HUGE FAN of natural and handmade cosmetics from soaps, to creams to scrubs everything! (I actually just recently switched from LUSH to Simple..just because I wanted to try out simple, which i now love!).

KIKI: My Holy Grail beauty products aka Products I CANNOT live without

– My face moisturizer – NOTHING WORSE THAN DRY SKIN! *Simple Light moisturiser or LUSH Enzymion moisturizer*

– My Rose Vaseline

– My Eyeliner ( MAC Kohl liner in Smolder)

– My Hand cream – Body Shop Body Butter (In either one of these: Mango, Cranberry, Almond or Vanilla. I always have one of them in my bag.)






Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  1. Beauty is about self expression, so do you, no judgment here.
    However, as a woman…when I hear simple & natural, I think corals & natural colors. I have to ask when make up became about having 4 colors on the face…it seems some chicks attempt to color block on their faces or try to match all the colors in their outfits & it just ends up looking like a hot mess.

    1. Hey! You are right about beauty being about self expression. To some people like me Make-up is an Art! And Simple doesn’t have to be monochrome or boring. Simple can be colourful. If you have 4 colours on your face that blend in well together and are all within the same colour scheme for example turquoise,teal, green and even yellow perhaps, when blended in together can give a simple gradient effect which does not need to look like colour blocking! But I do understand what you mean for example ‘blue and orange eyeshadow, pink blush and red lips’. Sometimes when I do a neutral look, I can use up to 6/7 different eyeshadows all within the same neutral palette. I think looking a hot mess with make-up is down to poor application AND not being able see which colours go well together also! Thanks for your comment!

    1. Hi Heyman. I appreciate your comment, however I do not understand where it stems from. I am very open to constructive criticism. If you do not like my make-up, please tell me how you feel I can improve it, or if you know other ways in which I can look better WITHOUT make-up, please be kind enough to share. You have not seen a picture of me here without make-up so I feel compelled to ask on what basis or evidence do you make your comment? However, it is not a good look for YOU to sit behind your computer screen and make comments such as which are quite unnecessary, irrelevant and have no clear root. Thank you once again. No hard feelings and feel free to share your beauty tips and opinions on how to look better without make-up. xoxox

  2. ahhh FINALLY managed to read this article thanks to the link from your blog.. loving your play with colours.. wish i could do that.. but don’t have the strength!!! but I shall be getting in touch with you for some basic tips!.. Need to come to you for a make-over soon!!

    Well done sweetie!! hope you do get far, you deserve it!! xXx

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