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Multi award winning DJ; DJ XCLUSIVE is before anything else, funny and easy going. A perfect example of the term “HARD WORK PAYS OFF”, he has broken boundaries for Nigerian DJ’s by gaining international recognition and achieving success through a tool with has over the years been underrated time and time again. 360 fashion explores what influences his sense of style and why music and fashion always compliment each other.

Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Who are your style icons?

My top 5 style icons (in no particular order) will have to be 1. Kanye west 2. Usher 3. David Beckham 4. P.Diddy 5. Pharrell Williams

Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Do you always feel pressure to dress up for your DJ gigs?

Yes I always feel the pressure to dress up  for a dj gig. These days you have Facebook and other social networks, so people always take pictures at the event and post on Facebook and other social networks, so obviously one has to always look good 🙂 . As a DJ your a role model for fans and other aspiring DJs so dressing up / looking good is very important.


Lucy Phil-Ebosie: What influences your sense of style?

What influences me?? Hmmm I don’t know… the moon? LOL
Actually I’ve change my style a couple of times, I love trying new things, I’m a big fan of bright colours. I try a lot of different styles Still, I feel like there are certain “styles” that I notice are more accepted or appreciated so sometimes I find myself trying to mimic those styles to get the approval of the community


Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Have you always been one to make very cautious fashion decisions when putting together an outfit.

Oh yes, every time I put together an outfit it has to make sense, so I am very cautious with what I wear.


Lucy Phil-Ebosie: How has music influenced your sense of style?

I’m a fan of hip hop, rnb and especially naija music and I can say hip hop and rnb have definitely influenced my sense of style. The music industry is one of the most influential parts of  society. Alot of people work,drive,eat,play etc while listening to music, I tend to get to my style of dress from musicians that I like, just like anyother person. Lots of artist in the industry tend to set trends and this will influence fans around the world. The music and fashion industry have become so intertwined these days and by this lots of people will surely get influence with their sense of style.

Lucy Phil-Ebosie: What is your favourite song at the moment?

favourite song at the moment??? They are too many!!!! Lol but if I had to pick one now it’d have to be Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne – Movtivation


Lucy Phil-Ebosie: What do you find sexy in a woman’s sense of style?

I find it sexy when a woman is bold enough to wear something out of this world, something courageous, an unusual colour etc. She can wear something somebody else wouldn’t dear to wear but she rocks it with much so attitude and confidence, now that’s HOT! For me lol


Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Any fashion faux pas you would want to share with us?

The best fashion faux i can come up with at the moment, is what they call “SHRIMP COCKTAIL TOES” this is created when a person wears a pair of heels or sandals which are too small for them, causing their toes to extend beyond the edge of the shoe and grip the outer edges of their footwear.


Lucy Phil-Ebosie: Mention artistes you believe have been able to fuse fashion and music together.

Kanye west, Common, P.Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Lady gaga, Beyonce, etc




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