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 A truly Nigerian brand for me would simply be one with its origins in Nigeria. If It was born in Nigeria or conceived by a Nigerian, and has elements that is identifiable to the Nigerian, then it certainly has met my own subjective requirements.

And so are the ‘My Avatar’ tee-shirts, designed for the Nigerian but with a western appeal, isn’t merely another way by which he tries to identify with the western world (what is the western world anyway?). It is a means of expressing his uniquely naija identity.  If that tee is fun and fashionable like him; individual yet steeped in the ‘naija essence’, then that for me is proudly Nigerian.

The Avatar tee, from the stable of the Clothier Two Company, was created by Oludayo Olujekun. Dayo discovered that his clients preferred clothing customized to their personal preferences. Typical of the average Nigerian, they do not want something that the next person is wearing, and what could be more unique to an individual than his own likeness?  That is how the Avatar tee, which is essentially one’s preferred animated image or that of a favorite celebrity was born.

For an apparel design company like the Clothier Two, this is not a departure from the norm, as it exists to create bespoke clothing, designed to be as unique and individual as possible. To this end, they have a wide array of options, comprising of, t-shirts, pants and accessories in varying designs and with a vintage appeal. There’s something for every taste and preference, no matter how eclectic!

The Avatar tee-shirt, like the Nigerian it represents, is decidedly individual. It is designed such that the client really owns his tee-shirt. No two Avatar tees are really alike, and with the options of the short or long sleeves, one is spoilt for choice.

Made from hundred percent cotton and belcoro® yarn for comfort (Lagos heat anyone?) and greater printability, the designs stay put for as long as you have the tee. They are made with durability in mind and are guaranteed to hold their own in the wash, even at a temperature of sixty degrees. Who says the shirt isn’t as resilient as its wearer?!

Owning an Avatar tee for me really is like wearing my own thumbprint. I’m choosing to celebrate my own individuality in the manner that pleases me and no apologies about it.  What could be more naija than that?

*The man behind the Avatar Tees, Dayo Olujekun wearing his avatar*

Contact Details: Call 0802 3405337 for your Avatar Tee-Shirt today. 



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  1. Thank you H.A.W. Hey Sally we now have ladies though its different i’m sure you will like it, give us a call (08164735839) and we’ll hook you up. Thank you Ade, really appreciate the comment. Chubaba! you know i got you, its almost ready. And thanks to the 360nobs team for this piece, we at C2 are really grateful.

  2. Gud job bro, i sell cheap low quality tees bt i want 2 buy plain & quality ones, then design and sell at d cheapst price. wat advice can u offer. Thanks

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