Movie Review: Tango With Me

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Movie: Tango with me
Genre: Romance/drama
Language: English
Directed by: Mahmood Alli-Balogun
Starring: Genevieve Nnaji, Joseph Benjamin, Joke Silva, Ahmed Yerima, Tina Mba

SYNOPSIS: Lola and Uzo are the perfect couple, their newly married life before them, all is well until the happiest day of their lives becomes the worst.This leads the couple on a journey of self discovery.It is a contemporary story about forgiveness, our core values and our faith. A story that proves that love conquers all.


The movie ‘Tango with me‘ brought to you by Brickwall communications is not just a regular nollywood movie. Unlike others, it is absolutely realistic and able to carry its audience along right from the insighting incidence to the climax. The intention of the movie maker and the satisfaction of the audience are on the same track at the end of the movie.

The movie director makes use of imaginative filming language in his expression of ideas. The camera tricks, Lighting are wonderful and used appropriately.

The concept of the costume is the best I have ever seen in a nollywood movie. In as much as the movie is a standard contemporary work of art, the use of cultural and local fabrics amongst the characters is visible. I’m yet to comprehend Jibike’s mode of dressing in relation to her role as the MD/CEO of a major company in Lagos. Her make-up is awful. She looks like a total drag queen in most of her scenes.

There is no use of unnecessary sound effects… The few songs used in various parts just flows with the mood and makes it as emotional as possible. The use of original figures is a huge plus. An example is NTA’s Cyril Stober acting as a newscaster in the movie. It’s amazing.

The dialogue is great, good use and command of language. The characters were able to interprete their roles perfectly. The storyline is unique and I call it ‘The movie with a difference’


Rating Guide

*: Give to your mother-in-law
**: Rent from a video club
***: Purchase
****: Refer to a friend
*****: Collector’s Item



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  1. i totally disagree with this review. the story line is not realistic at all. Theres nobody, both young and old that does not know that after a rape the next thing is to go to the hospital for a flush so the question of pregnancy doesnt come up. That was a major flaw in my own opinion which killed any other impression however good or bad the movie could have made.

    1. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW Nigerian Movies are all Fake…
      But if you ask me, this is just about the 2nd Naija movie I have been able to watch from scratch to finish…. a few flaws here and there…but on a scale of 10 (9ja rating), I would award a generous 8 😉

  2. @I know I know…if you paid more attention you would realize that Lola potrayed a very naïve character and after the rape she suffered from fear and this made her withdraw herself from everyone around her (her husband,parents,friends) who could have put heads together to think of the right solution

  3. please wit a long hiss. naive? yet she knew about counselling? naive yet she works in a school? please give me another reason and i ll buy but please leave naive out of it. i knew about rape and flush when i was in secondary school. why it was not even brought up in the counselling session is also another flaw in the movie

  4. I personally havent seen this movie but when I saw the trailer I was like “Oh yeah. Nothing new”. I mean this “wedding day rape” stories have been over-flogged in nollywood. We need new stories. I like the cinematography of the movie though.

  5. i have never heared anything like flush after rape, so do not condenm the scence, saying counselling not all will have the mind to go through that if you dont have strong forces backing up. So lets not be sentimental in this.

  6. You all seem to be too critical and at best baseless with your comments. @ I know I know, this is realistic and rape such as this has happened and does. You also make rape sound like its nothing and has no effect mentally and emotionally, so “flushing” is not an absolute. Have you thought that even such a nightmare of an experience such may not be the action to take. For that to deter and kill your impression of the entire movie, well my dear, not a balance movie critic. @memorila Nigerian movies are not fake. They take the lessons, happenings, culture, and history of our diverse cultures and ethnicities and bring them in the form of film. What other African film industry has had that lead? @ I am legend, no one said the storyline is new! But the way they do it in the film brings what may be an un new storyline to light in a different sense. Try not gets be so narrow minded.

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