Memoirs Of A SLU…shhkid : Wk 44

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So here I am watching BBA Amplified while trying to write memoirs that I should have completed a long time ago.

About the BBA, I like that they are already kissing on the first night so there would definitely be some sex going down in less than a week. I know some of you would be wondering what’s up with the BBA talk. I am not a big fan of it but when you stay in the same house with Chaa, you musutu love Big brother.

Let’s be clear (Thank you StephanieIJ), a lot has happened since the last time I updated memoirs and I’ll try as much as possible to capture them all.
– I met an amazing lady in PH and we kicked off a wonderful friendship. I know she will get to read this. This is me saying “thank you” for being my friend and especially for getting us to the airport on time.
– My sister got married and it was my most wonderful experience of 2011.
– I met KIM and we kicked it off
– I took a trip to Aba and Port Harcourt with my boys.
– I’m so sorry that I didn’t write on Monday because my sister got married the same Monday. I know it may sound far-fetched but every time I fail to write, I feel the pain too because you lot mean a lot to me and letting memoirs pack up means more work for me.
Let’s go back to where we stopped, before we continue with the activities of last week.

So there she was sitting down by the door with her bag. For a moment, I felt really bad. I moved closer to her, knelt down,held her hands to my cheeks and spoke to her.
Nobs : Nne,I know you are really mad at me and I don’t know what to do to make you hate me less but I want you to know that I did not plan to hurt you in anyway.Please don’t go.
Ada : Buzor, hapu’m aka
Nobs : Ada,biko zianu. You have every right to be mad at me but you also have to admit that it has not been easy with me too. Shirls didn’t inform me that she would be coming through and I totally forgot that you would be visiting today.
Ada : But you didn’t forget to have sex with her?
Nobs : I had sex with her?
Ada : Biko,don’t try to make a fool of me. I heard her moaning loudly.Was she doing that for me?
Nobs : Can we drop the sex talk, please?
Ada : Ofcourse you would want us to drop it. Kedu ihe mere gi? You don’t want me and then you also brought a woman home.
Nobs: Ada,Nne,bikozie,let’s take your things back
Ada : It’s either I leave or your ashewo leaves.
Nobs : I think it’s wrong to refer to her as an ashewo
Ada : Well,she was screaming and moaning like one.
Nobs : There’s no movement,so no one can leave.
Ada : I just want to sit downstairs until 6pm then I’ll go from there.
Nobs : Maka gini?
Ada : Maka nmuta
I leaned into her and kissed her.
She resisted a bit at first but minutes later, she had her hands around my neck pulling me in.
Nobs : Ada,the truth is, I really love you and would have worked out something with you but as it is, you are already engaged to someone else. I wouldn’t want to break your marriage or cause your family pain. I will always be here for you when you need me.
Ada : Buzor,I know mana adiro’m happy
Nobs : I understand that you really care about me but you also have to know that I am not ready for marriage yet and would want to keep you waiting for a long time. You need to make your parents happy.
Ada : Ujo n’ atu’m. I hope you don’t hate me now.
Nobs : I don’t and I never did. I just didn’t want to let my selfishness take advantage of us. You are a wonderful woman.
Ada : Thank you
Nobs : Ngwa,Nne. Let’s move your things back to Chisom’s room and talk about the breakfast you were meant to prepare for me.
Ada : I hope you will kiss me again when ever I want it
Nobs: Yes, love but let’s get your things back first .
Seriously I can’t remember saying anything that I’ve not said before to Ada but I guess she must have thought about the situation as well.
It was an awkward day spent between my sister’s room and mine.

April 23 was just another day to everybody but it was a totally different day for me. I woke up and my sister’s BBM status read “ Congrats to Ada & Iyke”. It finally dawned on me that she has been taken.
You know this thing they say about not knowing what you have or had until you lose it. Maybe I really liked Ada and would have been happy with her. I was just scared of losing my bachelorhood benefits but I guess I really should make up my mind and move forward.
To Ada,
Grandma’s death brought us together. You treated me like your prince and were willing to give me all of you with no questions asked. I miss you and I hope we stay in touch. Maybe someday you will get to read the content of this diary and how much of you I did put out. Happy married life,Ada di ora nma.

April 16/17,2011
It was a normal Saturday night and I had no plans of going out but a call from one of the club that owners got me on the road at 2am.
On getting to the club, it was packed with the regular nightclub faces including chics that have been in Unilag for 8 years doing diploma, dancing to music ‎of the night before.
On a serious note tho, how can someone pretend to be in school for so long studying one course but spending more time in different cities and hotels? It’s funnier when you hear that such people are searching for a husband. Some of them don’t even think of changing location.
Back to business, I was backing one of the “white” walls when you walked up to me
Her : Do you remember me?
Nobs : Yes but I can’t remember where
Her : At De marquee. I walked up to you saying I only wanted to hear you talk. You were with your friend,Ebuka.
Nobs: and then you walked off afterwards. Still beats me why you did that.
Her : It was me paying back. I tweet at you and get no replies. Then I came for SLU..shh once, said hi and you just smiled and walked away. So I figured if I ever get your attention, I’ll do the same.
Nobs : Hmmmmm. Sorry I can’t remember the name
Her : Kim
That was how I met Kim, again and we spent the night dancing, talking and getting to know each other.
Kim : So I read memoirs
Nobs : It’s not good for you
Kim : Are you good for me?
Nobs : I’m not good for you either
Kim : You know what?
Nobs : What?
Kim : Now it makes me what to find out how?
Nobs : take it from me,I’m not just good for you.
Kim : I’ll like to find out.
Nobs : Where do you stay ?
Kim; Ikoyi?
Nobs : With?
Kim : Alone
Nobs : If you get me drunk, you can take me home with you.
Kim : I would totally love that but I’ve got a friend over
Nobs : Sad.
Kim : I know. so why don’t we move it to another day .
Nobs : It’s my naughty night and it comes up once a month.
Kim : Where do you stay ?
Nobs : Lekki 1 and it’s 10 minutes away from here
Kim : You are making me think things
Nobs : That’s the whole idea.
Kim : who do you stay with?
Nobs : my kid sister
Kim : Chaa?
Nobs : You need to stop reading memoirs
Kim : So what if I take my friend home and you will come and get me?
Nobs : sounds like a plan
We exchanged pins,continued dancing but I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest. On a serious note, I think I may likely be attracted to boobs though. I may not touch them much during a sexual act but all packed in the bra, I love to just look at them.
Kim’s ass could be referred to as “average” but her boobs are just ‘nkata oroma Jos’.
I drove HOME alone but few minues later her BBM came in
Kim :Are you home yet ?
Nobs : Yes boo
Kim : I’m on my way home.
Nobs : Cool
Kim : If I ask you to come, can you come get me?
Nobs : It’s just Ikoyi and your chest is the only conviction needed.
Kim : They are finer outside the bra.
Nobs : I can imagine. So do you want me to come?
Kim : What do you have for me?
Nobs : Whatever you want with a naked me as a side dish.
Kim : tempting
Nobs : But not enough?
Kim : What more
Nobs : I’ll also let you tie me up for fun
Kim : Now that ‘s very temping but it’s already 5am.Come get Sunday night at 8pm.
Nobs : Oh great.
Kim : Beg me and I will send a picture of the twins outside the bra
Nobs : Please send
Kim : Wait until Sunday
It was the longest Sunday ever but you will have to wait until Thursday to hear about it.
Here’s a picture of us at the wedding

On a serious note, this is the Urinary at Oriental hotel.

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. Oooooh Nobs,you’re something else,you’re unique and special. You guys looked great on the wedding and your sister is gorgeous!

  2. Nobs seriously u got to stop dis epileptic updates jus like PHCN,u r jus a typical nigerian,try and get ur d updates ready on mondays as expected or berra stil tel us in advance d mondays u can’t help bt attend ur sis wedding or take road trip with d boys,or again go to planet mars for a function.*hiss*

  3. Arrgh! Dis is short
    So happy for Ada, sad for u tho, gals like her are hard to come by…buh hopefully, u’d find a nice gal too in due time. Can’t wait for thursday! Pls make it longer.

  4. It’s my first comment ever on “memoirs..”, and I’d want a reply to my question(s) from Nobs. Do you use the real names of the ladies? E.g Ada & Kim. And I love this “memoir…wk 44”, it’s the most interesting i’ve read!! Guess that’s my reason for this comment.

    1. Hey Cella,
      Thank you for leaving a comment.
      No,I only use real names for family and friends.
      The names are chosen by the characters but I gave Ada hers.
      Thanks for the kind words.


  5. Nice read. Waiting. . .for thursday. And, erm, Nobs, which of the guys in that pic is you? Need to put a face to the name.

  6. Your sister is lovely. Wish her many more years of Peace & Bliss.
    As for ur ‘Ada’…. Seems to me she wants to eat her cake (Get married to Iyke) and have it (Still have rights to shag u at will).

  7. Its time to legalize polyandry in Nigeria…for Ada, of course. All in favor say “Aye”, against say “nay”…the “aye”s have it! *hammers gavel*

  8. why does everyone constantly feel bad for ada?good gurl my ass,she is engaged and still wants to shag my boy nobs…I sat shag her nobs,you will still shag her after marriage anyways

  9. guess soon as u get a femal NYSC PA, u gon be keeping to regular timing of posting memoir. Good job. congrats to ur sis….does Chaa read memoir? i tweeted @ you on this but i gez u will answer here?

  10. Lmao@ her boobs looks better outside d bra….nice read again….bur ur killing me….u need 2 start writing @least 2wice a week….waiting 4 another monday…not nice….

  11. Hmmmmm nice one hon!! but prolonging it till Thursday tho? kinda reminiscent of the way u made me beg for my 4th orgasm. 😉 Here’s hoping Thursday’s write-up will be just as explosive!

  12. i like this…its interesting..but i hate that i have to wait till thursday…and lmfao @the oriental urinary hahahahha

  13. Nobs but why??
    You made me wait for more than a week and this is all you could come up with??kmt!!I’m pissed at you
    So you better reply this message and apologize to me oh!

  14. Arrrrggggh!! It ws 2 short! Waited for 2 mondays! Kept cmin on d website like a stalker!.. I think a need a therapist 2 cure dis addiction cos its takin over ma life!! *seriously me ma sister will testify 2 dat* Please Nobs get it up on time sme of us re junkies… 🙂 Regardles of the delay*massive side eye* it ws a great read! Can’t wait till thursday! And Pleeeease make it a loooong read!

  15. “but you didn’t forget to have sex with her” “i had sex with her??” LOOOOOL! that made me laugh so hard.
    i kind of like the inconsistency with memoirs though, it builds my interest.
    your sister is well pretty btw 🙂

  16. Abeg which pictures are u all talking about? Abi the link no dey show for BB? Cos apart from this em…er..*let me not use dat word* urinary!! I can’t see anything…Nobs a little help here..*as buddies* na.

  17. Nobs I really enjoy ready memoirs and I like the fact that your blogs are very well written and u take the time to proof read, but this time around I don’t think you did so. You have alot of typos and it seemed like a rushed piece. It was good but I don’t think you put out your best. Just saying..

  18. Finally i get to know about kim,hope she knows I’m a major contender!!bet my name is gon be up next in your memoirs!? yes you can use my real name!!interesting read though!keep it up!make me forget about my romance novels!p.s you can like to put up action pictures though!*winks*

  19. LoL,nice one man!advice:stay away frm Ada,inshort run frm her!as for Kim,I cnt wait to hear her wedding pic is cute.thursday is a date if nt,u’ll b smacked on d butt personaly by me!

  20. Lmao @ “maka nmuta”. Anyways, i dont know what it is abt u dat these gals r all very crazy about. HAd u been Ebuka, i’d understand. #nuffsaid.

  21. @Nobs maybe its sometin u did or its Mtn but I can actually see d pix of d wedding n d whole story about Kim..dey both weren’t dere Thanks let’s go wait till Thursday.P.s..u sis is really pretty…and Ebuka’s cool too….and U..hmmmn I’l save my

  22. @Nobs: Your sis is fine oh!

    Na wa oh.. Some people are obsessed with Ebuka, to the extend that His very ordinary shoes got noticed (No beef).
    I just don’t get it…

  23. This Episode is very interesting.nice 1 N..yea,congrats to ADA(same name with my gf,but mine is

  24. hahahahah!!!!!!! i have really and truly died!!!!! lmao @ d oriental hotel pic…. why is their toilet bowl named “toto”????

  25. I doubt dat †ђξ babe came frm †ђξ same womb as dis ugly guy! Babes wat do ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ all see rlly! Won’t touch him wit a 10ft pole!

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