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Flare pants are pants/trousers that flare out below the knee. They are also known as bell bottom  pants or wide-leg pants. There’s no one standard flare; some pants feature a subtle flare, while others have a very wide flare. Different types of flare pants work for various body shapes.
Flare pants are available in a range of materials, including polyester, wool, cotton, and denim. These pants were extremely popular during the 1960s and 1970s, when they were commonly referred to as bell bottoms. During this time, men and women wore them; women usually paired them with platform sandals and men wore platform shoes.
They come in and out of fashion, but many women enjoy the fit and style of flared pants. There are still various styles of wide-leg pants to suit a range of fashion personalities. When choosing any type of pants, it’s important to keep the body shape in mind for the most flattering fit and style.
• Petite women will get swallowed up in flare pants that are too wide. So ladies if you are 5feet 4inches (1.64m) and under you should choose smaller flares for the best look.
• Tall women can get away with more dramatic flares.
• Women who are plus size should wear flare pants that fit closely through the upper leg and have a slight flare. Flare leg pants that are too wide can emphasize heavier hips.
Flare pants are wide, so wearers should balance the look with a closer-fitting top. In most cases, tunics should be avoided, unless they’re body-skimming. In addition, avoid any shirts with dolman, or bat wing, sleeves. With a slim top, the entire ensemble enjoys better balance.
Flare pants work for casual, professional or dressy settings, depending on the choice of material. For the most elongating, slenderizing effect, someone might want to wear a close-fitting top in a dark color, paired with a dark pair of flared pants and pointy-toe shoes in matching color. Note: a monotone outfit gives a more sliming look generally. 
The best shoes to wear with flare pants include anything with heels, such as pumps; high-heeled boots; espadrille sandals; and wedge sandals(look to my one of my previous posts for inspiration The heel helps to balance the width of the flare, but flats can work. Ballet flats or pointy-toe flats are also suitable, but petite women may want to stick with heels only and the same goes for plus size ladies.
This trend is super hot this season, so have fun wearing a pair today.

PS: With the Ankara vibe you can get a pair of flares in a pattern you like, just make sure the pattern is fairly simple and pair with a white fitted tee-shirt.



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