Guinness The Match: Winners Emerge in the GUINNESS THE MATCH ONCE IN A LIFETIME Competition

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As soccer fans impatiently wait for June 1st, 2011 …the Historic day for the Guinness The Match friendly between the Giants of Africa – The Super Eagles and Soccer’s Super Power Argentina, Guinness has announced the remaining winners of the Guinness The Match(GTM) once in a lifetime competition.

The competition through a series of activities, has challenged and empowered Nigerians to be more than fans and play their part, make their voices heard, their views count and show what they are made of. Guinness believes that it is the unique role played by Nigerian football fans that will make the real distinction at Guinness The Match.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011, Tochukwu Mogekwu, Emeka Egbuawa, Gbadamosi Sunday, Oliver Anozie were announced as winners of the GTM once in a lifetime competition and would be joining Omotola Adebayo in playing major roles during this Epic Match. They were chosen from thousands of Football fans across Nigeria who had competed for these once in a lifetime opportunities by expert panels at the media partners and fans on GUINNESS VIP™

Winner of the Nigerian National Anthem Competition with Beat FM – Omotola Adebayo (Lagos) joins African music icon Tuface Idibia to start off proceedings at the match with a live performance of the National Anthem at the National Stadium, Abuja. Omotola was quoted earlier on May 13, saying:

I’m delighted that I’m going to be playing a part at Guinness® The Match.  I am surprised and so excited about performing the National Anthem in front of all the fans – this is a dream come true for me.  I will be practicing singing every day between now and 1st June and will be hoping to get some expert advice from Tuface before the big performance. I feel I will be singing in front of the whole world and I am so proud to be representing my country by doing what I do best at Guinness®TheMatch!”

Omotola Adebayo (Winner National Anthem) and Tuface Idibia

She added:

“I’m so excited that I’m going to be playing a part at Guinness The Match. I have been singing since I was eight and the very first song I learnt as a child was my national anthem, which makes this performance a dream come true for me. I dream music, eat music, and play music and I have been practicing every day in preparation for the big performance.”

Winner of the Assistant Coach Competition with Supersport – Tochukwu Mogekwu (Lagos) will work alongside Coach Samson Siasia on June 1 as Super Eagles Assistant Coach barking out orders from the sidelines to ensure the Super Eagles WIN.  He was quoted saying:

As soon as I was declared the winner and I felt my heart literally jumped into my mouth, it was an overwhelming moment for me and I can never forget this day, Sports, especially football has always been my passion; I have always followed it closely.  I hereby give my sincere gratitude to Guinness and Super Sports for giving me this opportunity to be an Assistant Coach for the Super Eagles, this is one opportunity many people can only dream about and Guinness & Guinness The Match have made it happen for me, I will not let you down.”

Winner of the Pitch side TV analyst Competition with Supersport – Oliver Anozie (Lagos) will be pitch side at Guinness The Match making his voice heard as a Pitch Side Analyst for SuperSport.   Oliver comments:

My entry into Guinness The Match TV analyst competition was borne out of my ardent interest in the area of sports analyses, so I was in the seventh heaven when I received the news that my entry had made the final cut. My joy knew no bounds when I was eventually allowed into the SuperSport’s studio, this was a dream come true. Thanks to Guinness for this unique opportunity leading to my being selected after the whole exercise.  I pray you keep the good work up and continue to help others out there like me to realize their dreams.”

ltr: Charles Anazado (Super sport presenter), Tochukwu Mogekwu (Winner, Assistant Coach), Victor Ikpeba (Ex-super Eagles/Sports Analyst), Oliver Anozie (Winner, TV Analyst), Colin Udoh (Super sport Match Analyst)

Winner of the Match Day Commentator Competition with Brilla FM – Emeka Egbuawa (Imo) will sit alongside the Brilla FM commentary team on match day and fill the nation in on every twist, turn, pass, foul and goal with his live commentary 90minutes (plus extra-time).  Emeka said

“After being declared winner I felt on top of the world if I may say that, in fact it’s an understatement. I feel like flying, it’s great!”

Emeka Egbuawa (Winner, Radio commentator)

Winner of the Official Match Day photographer Competition with Complete Sports – Gbadamosi Sunday (Ondo) will be snapping away at super-speed from the side of the pitch to capture all the action as they unfold in his role as Official Match Day photographer with Complete Sports. He said:

“I feel so privileged, it is awesome. I feel so great, I am happy because, I have the opportunity to demonstrate that I can do something worthwhile for football.”

Guinness® The Match will definitely be the match of a lifetime that no true football fan should miss as Guinness provides the opportunity for Nigeria’s Super Eagles to compete with Argentina – one of the world’s greatest football nations.

As Guinness The Match draws closer, there is still time for you to play a part and send your message of support to the Super Eagles for 1st June.  Go to GUINNESS VIP to find out about the other once in a lifetime opportunities for consumers to play their part and demonstrate their passion for football.  To become a member, register at on your phone or computer or text yes and your date of birth to 1759.  SMS cost N10.  Or you can go to

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