Get Familiar: Kennis Music Allstars – One Love

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Peep the new joint from the mighty Kennis Music which involves nine of their acts – Jaywon, Edris Abdulkareem, Joel El, KSB, Capital FEMI, Essence, Minjin, Goldie and JukeBox

Joint is called “One Love” and was produced by Mastercraft

Yup! Get familiar!

Kennis Music Allstars – One Love


  Kennis Music Allstars - One Love (4.7 MiB, 737 hits)



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  1. Lol @ Kennis Music Allstars. The word ‘star’ must be the most loosely used word in Naij these days…’hater’ is a close second.

  2. Oga OYEAKD, this track is like early last year old, it was performed at Kennis Music’s 2010 Easter Fiesta. So why now? Although it seems they have changed it a bit, because The Pulse were on the older version and seem to have been replaced by Jukebox.

    Are The Pulse no longer on Kennis Music? Hope not because they were quiet good.

  3. Its got Goldie, JoeEl, Minjin & Jukebox.
    and this one sounds better.
    and as for me i think this Jukebox are better than the pulse.

  4. when u look at chukebox faces u will now that there is music sighns on it only music lovers will understand ,purse are still the no1 then they tryed very wel with sootee then claimed the winnin with the help of bobmanley it was like game.

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