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Amazing how a year has passed since my first work was posted on here. Back then I was just going to post my first thirteen works, then cut and run. I did not know the first thing about blogging then – not sure I do now. I honestly did not think people read stuff off the internet. So my shock was profound, the surprise pleasant when I read my first four comments. I died and went to bloggers heaven!

Week after week I would get comments, always something positive. I was coasting. Then four months later I hit a brick wall.

It was my first ‘3 for 1’. The 1st post got the usual positive reviews. The second was a different kettle of fish! The first four comments ripped into me like barbs. I am not sensitive like that; I was just in a bad place at the time.

I was ready to stop writing, but my Editor waded in and held my hand and stroked my hair, telling me everything will be alright. And for that I will always love her.

Without a picture, a contact detail or proper name to go on, I felt safe to write anything I wanted and still be unchanged. The anonymity worked for me.


The first time I ever got found out by anyone other than family, I had been blogging for about six months.

I had been boarding passengers on a flight from Abuja to Lagos. When I asked to see her boarding pass, it was with my professional smile. “Do you write for” The question came in a rush and caught me unprepared. I stuttered my way through an answer, and for the rest of the time it took to board everyone else, I had this goofy grin. Recognition can do that to you.

When boarding was completed, I went to where she was sitting and offered her an upgrade. She let me know she was not travelling alone and I extended the upgrade to her friend.

Both ladies went with me into Business Class and I sat them on seats 1right in front of me. I served their meals and we chatted about random things, and when we arrived in Lagos they got off but only after she got my business card.

This is April and I am still waiting for that call/sms/e-mail from Chinny.

#Young Blood:

When I first gave out my e-mail address, it was in response to a comment posted by a reader.

I had put a contact information out there so I will not act surprised that I actually got mails.

When ‘Sorey posted his BBPin on the pages of 360nobs and declared himself my biggest young fan, I added him straight away, and I am glad I did. Turns out he is my youngest known reader. His story? He stumbled upon 360nobs searching for good Naija music, then hung around to read stuff and has read everything I posted before and since then. Dude even pings me to discuss other stuff, and alerts me when my posts go up.


Then there were other BB contact requests and Twitter followings – all of them good stuff. It gave me the feeling that while I had not ‘arrived’, I was no longer in my backwoods eating abacha, taking snuff and drinking palm-wine.

First there was Worah. While I do not have the exact first couple of tweets we exchanged, I remember they came on a morning when I was on Standby. Before that, between her, Ready and I, we had exchanged a few comments on “Already Taken”. So when tweets got round to “What do you have planned for the day?” and movie plans got mentioned, a date was set.

I got there on time for the movie, bought 2 tickets and went to have lunch. First time I heard from her, she was around the corner. “Good timing” I thought to myself because the heavens opened and let rip.

I am certain I wore the soles of my shoes a few inches flatter pacing, when forty-five minutes later there was still no sign of her. This ‘around the corner’ come and far o! At some point during my wait, I would stare into people’s faces, everyone a suspect. For all I knew, it may be an edition of ‘PUNKED’.

She finally got there and we caught what was left of the movie, after which she left to beat her curfew and I headed home.


When Miz Khimmy followed me on twitter and I followed back, it was clear from the start that we were cut from the same cloth with the only differences being that I was from the top fabric: weather beaten and sun bleached; she was from further down the bale: cool to touch and still colourful.


We chatted a lot and it was easy to see we enjoyed each others virtua-company. Then work took me to Abuja for a night. She was so excited I was finally visiting her turf, but she had a family do so we would not be seeing.

Then she was in Lagos for a weekend. I had been out of town myself and when I returned, a mix of circumstances meant we still would not see. I was tired, but I would have been able to put in at least an hour of visiting time; I am not mobile and would have borrowed my brother’s car, but he chose that weekend to not return home; I would have taken a cab, but was too broke to afford one.

In short, nothing was ‘on’ for me. I made my excuses and that trip passed.  I got third time lucky, and only very briefly, but it was worth the airfare and travel time.


Mateelly is another reader following me on twitter. We hooked up on BB too, and when she came Westward for a wedding, we met up.

The next time I was in Abuja to see my older sister, I gave her a holler.  I was in ‘booj city for a few days and between movies, Yahuza suya, the night life, video games, Wonderland and the heat, Mateelly and my sister made sure I had a fun few days.

#Thank Yous

Here I will attempt to thank everybody who has been a part of my writing this past year.

Let me say here that I may omit your name, but I promise you it will not be because you are any less important than those mentioned. It will be because the pages do not yet exist to list every single person and their contributions.

@ Neefemi: My 1st comment on 360nobs, and you have kept up with me these past 52weeks;

@ Miz Natural: I believe you are tied with Neefemi on number of comments posted. Those comments in the days before the ‘view counter’ kept me writing. “Old faithful” comes to mind;

@ J_Gbus n pHisayo: You, in your different ways, have helped me keep my head on straight and my feet on the ground. I call you my Terra Firma;

@ Roli: My best critic. I count myself lucky to have met you on that Accra flight, and accepting for Tade to bring you along the 2nd time;

@ Tare: I remember between September and December how you pushed me to keep writing, risking your relationship to do that. I pray someday he will realize it is him you have always loved. My work only offered you an escape from his silliness;

@ M.E: My Eagle Eyes, thank you ‘coz for letting me tell your story. And those typos you caught, they taught me to take more care. Don’t forget I have written everything from my BB – I still do #NoExcuse;

@ Ready: More than anything else, you taught me the value of consistency. I probably would still post one a week, but maybe a Thursday here, a Sunday there… You get the picture;

@ Stranger: You have inspired more stories than anyone else, and for that I thank you;

@ Village Maiden: You came to me for pointers, causing me to look to those that have gone before me, learning from them and evolving as I went;

@ Jigga: You brought my work to Bims’ notice. Not all brothers believe like that;

@ Bims: You took a chance on an unknown. Not a lot of editors will do that – trust me I know;

@ Nobs, Oye, Bims: You gave us 360nobs. Dare I ask for more?

And here is a collection of all Franque’s 56articles via pictures in a year including this one.  Thank u Franque.



"Franque is in aviation, which by the way is not his job, just a lifestyle. If he ever kept a diary it would read like his articles will. Unfortunately he doesn't. Scratch that. He didn't.AIRtiquette is a walk in his shoes. Since regular isn't in his vocabulary, brace yourself for a bit of airwalking!" Follow @franque_521 on twitter.


  1. We were once colleagues & virgins
    We are now famz is incomplete without you.
    congrats !
    God bless you

  2. Dear fans and fam, above u will find my ‘thank you’ post. Some have become even dearer to me in the few weeks since iCompleted this post. Know that iWould hav included u in the list, but we made such stories it is only fair that iWrite about u as individuals. In the near future our stories will be told. Before then tho, let me thank you in advance. U kno who u r. *hugs and kisses*

  3. Awww franque, you don’t know how much your posts has meant to ma fridays if you did you ll know dat you ve” definately arrived”.Thank you for being a part of ma fridays and giving me someting to look forward to. Your consistency and dedication to ur fans much appreciated and your personality dat touched d depths of ma soul from your writings…very WOW

  4. I still think u write better than anyone on d site. Thank u for believing and for nudging awake my inner scribe. Even though she’s on vacation with the muse, I know she’d have been proud of U too.
    Congrats Franque
    *raises imaginary glass* as I toast to better articles and longevity in your life as a wordsmith

  5. Wow… This is waaaaay better than I imagined it to be… Breathtaking! Thank You too…. We Appreciate You!

  6. So, dis is gonna b my very 1st post on a blog eva, n it gets 2 b on urs! Good stuff u’ve always put up, u always write ur heart out (which I think is laced wit gold btw)…Happy 1 year anniversary Franque!…Keep writing, if only bcos u give d rest of d pple like me who cannot properly articulate their thots into words Joy and Hope unthinkable! Kudos!…..Oh, n here’s my pin: 22698983

  7. Congrats Franque!! Thanks for sharing urself with us. Wateva u do, don’t stop writing cos u do it wonderfully well.

  8. congrats on ur 1st anniversary, i also hope to hit d 1yr mark soon, by Gods grace i wont give up b4 then. ur posts are….like my weekly fix. keep up d fantastic work.

  9. We love you too Franque or maybe I should speak for myself nah I know everyone feels the same way….I sha love your writeups and I am proud to be a founding reader of your blog/posts

  10. Hey franque just head of u from I know and I must say am glad I visited. Looking forward to catching up on d posts ve missed. U rilly do have a way wit words

    1. just heard????? we were actually hounded to come read his blog.Anyways, i didnt sleep at all because i just had to read everythingyou have written. Your fatherhood edition had my emotions rollerskating. Congrats

  11. Guys thank you very much for the ‘birthday’ wishes.
    @ Nobs: no BS boss. Virginity gone, maturity coming. Only famz can walk the transition with u;
    @ Ms D: Thank you;
    @ iKnow: iGuess iShldn’t take Fridays for granted anymore. Osé;
    @ Neefemi: Even loyalty has to be acknowledged nau. Thank you much;
    @ VM: My imaginary champagne bubblin over, iAwait the things ur inner scribe will do when it returns from this elopement with ur muse;
    @ Lorlah: U have no idea how much ur words mean to me;
    @ Killz: Osé;
    @ TTW: iFeel too honored to be d recipient of ur 1st ever comment! The rest we will say over time by other means;
    @ Jemi: iPray iDo not give myself a reason to stop writin. iKno thots of ur words will keep me from treadin that path;
    @ Nameless: when u do hit the 1yr mark be sure to let me kno and iWill personally bring the drums to the village square and beat louder than most;
    @ Miz N: iLove u too – psychoanalyses and all;
    @ Just Me: thank you. iDo hope u find my works interestin enuff to justify iKnow’s recommendation. U will let me know how far, ryt?
    @ Everyine else: thank u, thank u, thank u. Do ff @franque_521 on tweerah.

  12. Franque, this is a reciprocal thank you note. I came here for Nobs’ ashewo stories & stayed for your emotional ones. Despite your inconsistency 🙂 (had to mention that), I looked forward to reading your articles ’cause they go beyond boy-girl games; they’re about the journey of a young man who’s striving to make himself better in many aspects. Thank you for sharing your mistakes & triumphs & I wish you the very best that life has to offer. The tips about how to get bumped up an airflight class were useful too 🙂
    Keep writing meaningful stories & improving on your craft…I hope to catch up with you someday.

  13. mestillthinks someone was paid money to do pr work because the disturbance was just too much.The boy try sha. Congrats Franque

  14. Abi oh.Though she refused to say how much but girls since we all agreed the blog was not a waste of time lets just say the congrats and leave the madness on the group. Someones threatening to cry on her bday and we dont want that. @ franque well done. Its not easy to write the way you do you are very very expressive can see why my friend likes you. please kindly touch me with your writing mantle. i do need it. plssssssssssssssss

  15. Evn tho I my comments r lways l8, or nt dere atall, I nevr fail 2 read ur posts. Bettr l8 dn nevr. Nd lyk Ready said, I came 4 Nobs ashewo stories but I got stuck on ur amazing stories. Thnx 4 givin us a years worth ov d good stuf. U r blessd. I hpe I get 2 meet u someday.. Abj’s my turf 2. xoxo..

  16. one year already ???? waoh … so have suffered *winks* one year of reading ur posts …. way to go …. still waiting for wht u brought from freetown oh

  17. I just discovered your posts and I spent one afternoon (at Olu’m :-p) reading all your entries. You are really a great writer. To many more entries from Franque!!!

  18. Awwwwwwwww……. *hugs* *wipes tears* CONGRATUlATiONS FRANQUE!!!!! U have sooo much to celebrate these days sha!!!! And u keep getting better. ……..whot, whooooot???! My name came up?! :-O I’m flattered o! *ogirinya dance* lol… We wld have a proper first meet soon jor. 😀 …bless ur soul.

  19. Keep up the awesome work… You made me fall in love with 360nobs… I actually stumbled across ur blog by mistake… Been hooked ever since… I wanna steal just a tiny part of ur creative side 🙂

  20. I m opportuned to hav critiqued yur work, coz everytym iDo, i watch how fly yu’v become dat i hav to struggle btw bn a drooling fan and a critic. A job well done my friend. Yu wil soar further beyond boundaries.

  21. I actually discovered ur blogs when my frnd posted a link to me on bbm about something Nobs had written. After I read all his blogs I was soo restless that I just had to keep snooping around for other blogs.
    Then I found ur blogs oh wow! U insipre me each day if only u knw hw much!(No homo) Fanx for ur acceptance to write a few blogs for us.
    On behalf of my team and I, we wish u many more years of creativity! Thank you for blessing me with ur blogs. 🙂

  22. I’m glad we met up and itz good 2know you had fun in ‘booj city enuf to say a “THANK YOU” on Ur blog,iAm humbled. Thank you too for being such a fine young man who shares himself via his beautiful writings wit hundreds of others every week. Bless ur heart

  23. cheeeiiii!!!! and to think I saw u on a flight n didn’t say hi X_X *sad much*

    my fave writer on 360 nobs, glad I stumbled on that post months ago….keep doing wat u do,u truky rock 🙂

  24. U still haven’t given us the essense of ur ink. The core of your writing is still hidden inside….

    Let it out.

  25. first day here..I have read over 15 posts in 1 hr. I love you already and hoping we can also “hook up” here in abj someday…I love a smart, funny and witty writer….cheers!

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