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Fashion Phoenix interviews Ade Yusuf the person behind the brand Pearl11 30. This interview also includes  Pearl 11 30’s latest Lookbook collection with fabulous ’70s references in the fabrics and some of the designs.  A good mix of day to evening pieces, floral patterns used for great jumpsuits, and fantastic wide legs, great use of fabrics, good mix of colours, beautiful silhouettes too.  Here is the chat – read and be inspired.

Fashion Phoenix (FP): Tell us about your brand, Pearl 1130
ADE YUSUF (AY): Pearl 11 30 is a fashion and style brand birth out of passion and love for celebrating and expressing individuality through fashion. The brand stands for sophistication, class and timeless elegance.

Our vision is to become a unique brand with a contemporary style team by designing and mix matching the perfect outfit and accessories that balances with individuality.

Our Mission is to make our clients feel special, chic, sexy and unique yet comfortable in our designs.

FP: What inspired your present collection, Belle De Jour?
Belle De Jour (IT Girl) collection was actually inspired by the imagination to style a city chic in Lagos; I decided to look back at the effortlessly sleek 70s’ and feminine chic of the 50s’ with a modern twist by staying true to the use of vibrant colours, novelty prints, simple shapes and neutral palette.  I’m a sucker for Palazzo pants, not a fan of clinging dresses, believe in clashing colours (I do believe we can wear green, purple and pink); basically an interpretation of my style is brought to life.

FP: I love the collection’s interpretation of the 70’s. If you had to be a 70’s fashion icon who would it be and why?
Marisa Berenson – Fashion Model and Actress. Reason – she is naturally elegant.

Pearl 1130Pearl 1130

Pearl1130 Pearl1130

Pearl 1130 Pearl 1130

FP: What’s the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome by being a designer in Nigeria?
Fear of acceptance in Nigeria.

FP: As a designer, where do you get your inspiration from?

AY: Firstly from God; we can’t have Pearl 11 30 without Him. I get inspiration from everywhere, on the street, magazines to movies et al.

FP: To go personal, who is your fashion hero and why?
AY: Victoria Beckham. For being able to build a fashion empire with class, poise and elegance.

FP: Who is/are your favorite designers? Both local and international?
Local – Lanre Da Silva Ajayi; International – Victoria Beckham

Pearl1130 Pearl1130

Pearl1130 Pearl1130

Pearl1130 Pearl1130

FP: The Nigerian fashion industry is blossoming, if you could collaborate with any Nigerian designer, who would it be and why?

AY: Lanre Da Silva Ajayi; Reason – for her uniqueness.

FP: What’s your aspiration for “Pearl 11 30” in 10 years?
AY: A Global Fashion brand with recognition not only in Africa but around the world.

FP: What word of advice do you have for upcoming designers?
I’m also part of upcoming but I’ll say –
I) Work yourself off. Fashion is a tough business so it is important to be passionate about it, it can be throat cutting but its beautiful.
II) Stay true to your vision, dream and watch it grow.
III) Determination and confidence is key.


FP: Where can we find your pieces? Possible contact details?
AY: www.pearl1130.com

08024027779, 08023110379, 08037801408 (Lagos, Nigeria); 07970599939, 07904615133 (London, UK)

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  1. Very beautiful pieces. Love the styling and minimalism.the stylist’s knows her onions. Love the hair, So on point.

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