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Sola Elegba reminds me of an Old Hollywood gentleman, like a friend of mine would say; “they don’t make men like this anymore”. His dedication to style and all things fashion is very intriguing, and almost refreshing. He is every sense of the word; DAPER. Think perfectly cut blazers, polo shirts, pocket squares, clean shaves, deck shoes and bespoke overkill. In a world where a lot of men make conscious wardrobe decisions, Sola Elegba stands out. He talks to 360 fashion about his sense of style and the inspiration for his fashion line; JO BLACK CRAZE.


I would describe my style as Classic European fused with Street Chic and well as I like to put it “FABCESSFUL” which is fabulous incorporated with successfully living. Even on a “BAD” day, I stay looking “GOOD”

As bizarre as this might sound, I could live in my custom made fitted t-shirts and shorts for the rest of my life but for reference purposes, I see myself in bespoke  blazers, fitted pants and velvet shoes. Ofcourse all designed by Me/JBC. People tend to think I put in a lot of effort when I am dressed up but the truth is, it’s all basic to me. I am someone who always likes to look not just presentable but comfortable and good. If I was to put in huge effort when dressing up … well let’s just leave it at that *chuckles*

My inept style when it comes to how I’m dressed and how I portray Myself has gained me numerous compliments over the years and at some point, I started designing clothes to be made just for me in order to be able to stand out from every other well dressed individual and ofcourse this also gained me more compliments and the talk of me having my own Fashion Label started coming up from all angles so I took  some time out to look into it. I always thought of the Legacy I would like to leave behind in my demise and it occurred to me that this could be it. I have always and  would always say, I’m not in it because of the viability, I’m in the business because of my Passion for Fashion.


The collection I showcased at the ARISE Fashion Show was the “Mr. Idowu” collection. My inspiration for this collection was My Friend and Creative Director Tomiwa  Idowu. The Mr. IDOWU collection for JO BLACK CRAZE was a capsule collection of functional yet fashionable Menswear.

In my own opinion, I would say I’m not a huge fan of trends. Rather I’d say I am a huge fan of my own Fashion consciousness.

Jo Black Craze represents Style with Attitude be it formal or informal.


I intend on taking my Brand worldwide, I want the rest of the world to see and absorb that your native background does not necessarily have to hold you back from  how big you intend on being. A lot of people I met during the London Fashion Week were surprised when I decided to stick to my Nigerian background despite being in the Uk for so long and I made them realise, in Nigeria, there is an enormous wealth of talent not just in the Fashion industry but in all other industries. With the right push and mind set, the sky would not be your limit, I mean some say there are footprints on the moon.




Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  1. I would like to be like when I grow up! His quotes are on point, Modern Day Donald Trump but of course with lot of extra class.

  2. This is interesting seeing Jo Black Craze here. Wel the owner and company are a bunch of scam! My ex made orders last year October for the delivery of 4 pairs of shoes after which payment was made as specified. Up till date they haven’t been delivered and he (Sola Elegba) has been going back and forth with how he would do it. And there’s a court action currently against Jo Black concerning this. So people please be warned!!

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