CapB’s “Hello” Joint Adopted as Soundtrack For USA TV Show – Bad Girls Club Reunion(Season6)

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Press Release:

The D.R.E.A.M. Team and Ultra n Vogue Company are excited to announce that CapB‘s 1st Single “HELLO” in the “Capability” Mixtape was adopted by the hit USA television show “BAD GIRLS CLUB REUNION”. The show in its sixth television season is Consistently one of the top-rated network programs and the top-rated show in the United States of America.

In his word, “this is not just about me, but about every Nigerian who has shown support, every blog, every DJ that has played it. All the Media houses across the globe. The time has come when Nigerian songs would be exported into a 100% American programme. Its our success as Nigerians“.

CapB who released a smashing hot single “Workaholic” featuring popular act YQ shortly after his relocation back to the country earlier in the year, is a founding member of Dream team Entertainment, a young and vibrant entertainment company with a mission to bring about innovation, best values and turn around in Nigeria’s fast growing entertainment industry.

The International Business and Business Administration graduate of Kean University USA intends to exploit all the business angles of music and his talent to create employment opportunity for the youths with a dream to become world’s most entertaining MC, so it’s no surprise that his musical influences are Akon, Jayz, Fela etc.

Owing to his unique style, charisma and similarities in vocal delivery with the legendary 2pac, the young artiste is already the toast of every music lover and promoter these has offered CapB the opportunity to have shared stage with the likes of Tuface, P-Square, Mohits, Nigerian-American rapper Wale in the United States of America.

You can watch a bit of Bad Girls Club Reunion(Season6) below  and listen to CapB‘s joint and check the video below.

Yup! Get familiar!

CapB – Hello




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  1. Lol…Congratulations CapB (whoever that is). I no wan spoil person hustle, but Oxygen has never produced a top-rated network program or top-rated show for the U.S. It’s the channel where has-beens go as a last resort for a death grip on relevance, & Bad Girls Club is for those seeking 15 minutes of fame. Still, baby steps are good…I just don’t like it when we delude ourselves. #thatisall.

  2. Boy way to go… Its all about the benjamins, dont forget me in your kingdom when you collect the paycheck.

  3. @Segzy (I’m all for directness), olodos like you kill me with the word hater. Oxygen ranks in the 21st-28th position among all American cable networks. And Bad Girls’ club had a record 2.27 million viewers. Maybe it’s me & my aversion to mediocrity, but considering that other shows such as American Idol pull in over 30 mil & even Glee pulls in about 13 mil on a bad night, the show in question doesn’t do well in my opinion.
    But this is about a Naij artiste making moves, and I applaud that. Just had to school you a tad. And please, expand your vocabulary…the word ‘hater’ is so 2009.

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