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Due to the difficulty in setting up a meeting with Rilwan, I decided to do it the best way I knew via bbm. Yes. Thanks to MTN also, who tried to frustrate my effort, but I made sure the chat went on as planned.

Rilwan Alexander Bawa-Bwari, the new kid on the block currently signed on to PLay Records, took time out to chat with me.



Bubba, Rilwan



Bubba: Hello Rilwan. How are you?

Rilwan: Yo

Rilwan: I’m chilled…Playing fifa at my mans house

Bubba: Lol ok

Bubba: It’s been hard trying to reach you oh…

Rilwan: Omo no vex o!….been tied up with all sorts

Bubba: Aren’t you meant to be in the studio making good music?

Rilwan: I actually just got out of the studio abt 40mins ago

Rilwan: Taking a chill right about now

Rilwan: Body no be wood nau

Bubba: Abi oh, lol

Bubba: So, how did this whole music thing start out?

Rilwan: Lol

Rilwan: Started out as a hobby o!

Rilwan: Back in kings college with friends

Bubba: Yeh

Rilwan: I used to be the beat box and used to watch my guys rap till I started writing myself

Rilwan: Then it started getting serious in uni when I started making studio tracks

Rilwan: Got soo much support I decided to stick with it

Bubba: What Uni did u attend?

Rilwan: Babcock uni

Bubba: What did you study?

Rilwan: International relations (aka long ting)

Bubba: Ya a joker oh..

Bubba: How can you explain your genre of music?

Rilwan: Lol

Rilwan: I’ve been told

Rilwan: Hmmm

Rilwan: Its a fusion of hip hop and alternative music with the African appeal to it

Rilwan: U can call it alternative afro-hiphop

Rilwan: πŸ˜€

Rilwan: aka Buttermint music

Bubba: Oh so urs is now Buttermint music?

Rilwan: Yelz

Bubba: But basically you rap right?

Rilwan: Yup

Bubba: Your Single ‘Every night’ is a massive club banger, what else is in the works for Rilwan?

Rilwan: Quite a few actually


Rilwan: The PLay records all stars album

Rilwan: “The Outsiders”

Rilwan: The video for Everynight rmx ft Bush and Lynxx is out everywhere now

Rilwan: My album as well….which scheduled to drop later this year

Rilwan: And I’m dropping a new single real soon

Bubba: You are currently signed on to PLay records, are you the only one signed on here?

Rilwan: Nah I’ve got 3 label mates so far

Rilwan: Mimi, Bush and Kanebi

Bubba: Ok..

Bubba: Apart from music what else do you do?

Rilwan: Graphic designing

Rilwan: And photography

Rilwan: I part own a company called WeOwnTheNight

Bubba: So you are also an Entrepreneur?

Rilwan: U can say that

Bubba: So what’s a typical day like for you?

Rilwan: Wake up at 8am

Rilwan: Deceive myself with trying to work out for abt 15mins

Rilwan: Head to work cuz I’m on that NYSC p

Rilwan: Lunch at Italian formula which is on the same road as my office

Rilwan: Then head to the studio from there

Rilwan: That’s how it is 70percent of the time

Rilwan: Other days jus hav extra activities

Bubba: And your everyday look will be?

Rilwan: Shirt or tee shirt with a jacket, straight jeans and loafers

Rilwan: And I love jackets

Rilwan: I like to keep it fresh

Bubba: That’s not the every day rapper look oh? Wat about big jackets ,hoodies and baggies?

Rilwan: Nah I don’t play that

Rilwan: Too loose for me

Rilwan: And I’m not a stereotype kinda person

Rilwan: From the music to the fashion

Bubba: What’s your favorite fashion accessory?

Rilwan: My Ituen Bassey beads

Bubba: Nice..

Bubba: Finally, what do you think about the Nigerian music industry?

Rilwan: I think its the fastest growing entertainment arm in the world right now

Rilwan: Its amazing

Rilwan: And there’s so much healthy competition

Bubba: How about the ladies? πŸ˜‰

Rilwan: U’r the only lady in my life nau

Bubba: Ah jo oh…bye bye

Rilwan: Haha

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  1. Hahahaha. Jokes
    Quite frankly, i am looking forward to Rilwan’s album and a new single? Whaaaaaat. I did not see that coming
    Heard a couple of his music, incredibly genius. Okay. Bye x

  2. awwhhnn…. Rilwan Bawa-Buari….my father..lol..i like…a decent convo worth reading and not just glancing or passing-by lol.. luv u much much!! ur a star!

  3. Rilwan is soooooooo cute and he can rap, such a rare combination of qualities to find these days, you forgot to ask him if he’s single.

  4. he most likely wont answer, he’s just saying “you’re the only one in my life” to resist the question, he seems arrogant to me, but a good rapper nevertheless

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