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The name Folarin Falana has been crossing my ears for some weeks now, also known as Falzthebahdguy, he featured on Lynxxx’s album(This is Lynxxx) on the track Playa ft General Pype which made him more famous. So, I thought it wise to chat with him and find out what the whole hype was about.

Bubba, FalzTheBahdGuyT

Bubba: Yo how are you?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I’m doing pretty good thanks. You?

Bubba: I’m great thanks. How was your day though?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Was kinda lonng but okay and Urs?
Bubba: School blah blah
Bubba: Anyways, peeps kinda insisted that I had to interview you so I decided to see what all the buzz was about. Falzthebadguy seems to be everywhere these days, who is this person?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lol, FalztheBahdguy is just an entertainer meyn. I think that’s the best way to describe me
Bubba: Yh everyone is an entertainer these days..but there has to be something that is distinct about u sha
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lol true talk.  I think the fact that the sorta music I make is not jus the usual stuff u hear. My style involves quite a bit o’ humour and I think people like that about me.
Bubba: I spoke to Rilwan a while ago, he says his music is ‘buttermint music’. And yours wud be?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lol, I ll say mine is New-school rap
FalzTheBahdGuyT: #Wuzzup Music
Bubba: I like #wuzzup music, correct. The first time I heard about Falz was on Lynxxx’s album and the lines you dropped really cracked me up.
FalzTheBahdGuyT: 🙂
Bubba: Was that your first attempt @ music??
FalzTheBahdGuyT: The Lynxxx song?
Bubba: Yes
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Oh no, it was recorded a long time ago. I had already done a whole mixtape before then.
Bubba: You have a mixtape? :O
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lol, oh yes indeed I do
Bubba: What is it called?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Deez not niize, so u haven’t even heard my mixtape?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Its called Shakara
Bubba: I’m sorry but I haven’t. I told you now that the 1st time I heard of you was on Lynxxx’s album with tha line ‘and ure still shewing shewing gum’
Bubba: =D
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Don’t worry, I hook you up
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lool, that line was originally from my song Shakara which was on the mixtape.
Bubba: Oh ok I see
Bubba: So do you see yourself as a better entertainer than D’banj? 😐
FalzTheBahdGuy: Lol see quechon
Bubba: ?o?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Well I don’t make the same sorta music as him so I don’t think I can compare myself to him
Bubba: But he is an entertainer too na?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Yea but a different type 🙂
Bubba: Ok oh..if you say so…
FalzTheBahdGuyT: He’s the “koko-master” me I’m FalzTheBahdGuy
Bubba: So how did you discover this your talent in #whuzup music that is?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Erm, it started way back in high school really
Bubba: What high school?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Back then I formed a lil rap group with a few of my guys and we actually wrote a couple a songs and performed them in skool.
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Since then, I jus kept on writing and definitely improving
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I went to Olashore
FalzTheBahdGuyT: U knw Olashore ryt?
Bubba: /:)
Bubba: Really?
Bubba: That school that has spoilt spoilt children, right?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Loool
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Every school has spoilt children now
FalzTheBahdGuyT: But yea it was for the Ajebutter kids B-)
Bubba: Hahaaaa, when this goes up u’re in trouble.
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lol :-p
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Its true tho
Bubba: (Non-Olashore Kids please insert comment here)
Bubba: Ok oh..
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lol
Bubba: So what happened to the group?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: We actually carried on even after school, for a short period
Bubba: What was it called?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Then I went Solo!
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lol
Bubba: Spoilt boys inc?
Bubba: 😡
FalzTheBahdGuyT: We were called Skool Boiz X_X (we were in secondary school, don’t judge).
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Loool see ur mouth
Bubba: Lmaoo..even worse
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Yo, it was coool back then!
FalzTheBahdGuyT: The ladies loved the skool boizzz
Bubba: Errr yes..
FalzTheBahdGuyT: We were biiig
Bubba: Where are the skool boiz now?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: We all just went separate ways after school so it was hard to stay in touch.
Bubba: Oh ok
FalzTheBahdGuyT: But I def still hear from them, one of ’em is in Jand and the other is here in naij
Bubba: Your name actually is Folarin Falana, right?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Yes indeed it is
Bubba: Why I asked that question is cuz according to ‘sources’ your dad is the renowned lawyer, Femi Falana and it is rumored that he has a problem with your music career?Are my sources lying?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Loool
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Ur sources are lying about the second part o
FalzTheBahdGuyT: He is indeed my father but I would not say he has a problem with my music. Right now he just finds it ‘interesting’
Bubba: So he is cool with the music part?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Yea he’s kinda cool with it
Bubba: Uhmm ok..’Kinda’ okay oh
Bubba: What are you up to these days? New album? What new stuff do you have released?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Well basically I’m at the law school at the moment so right now I’m jus recording as many songs as possible, working on my album as well
FalzTheBahdGuyT: So hopefully sometime soon, my debut album wld drop
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I just recently released a song called Askor ft Adey and Rilwan
Bubba: Any proposed name for the album?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Y’all shld check it out by the way, eez all over d intaanet juz saash on goggle
Bubba: ?o? yh sure..
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Album name cannot be disclosed yet 3-|
Bubba: Ah eh pele oh..
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lool
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Juz wash out! Coming sooon!
Bubba: How soon?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Maybe by the end of this year
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I can’t say for sure yet tho
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I have to develop that buzz first U know
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I don’t want my album to flop, lol
Bubba: Ah yes oh..word
Bubba: Finally, I would like to know what your everyday look is
FalzTheBahdGuyT: There’s no everyday look for me really, I like toe shange it from day to day. But let’s say T shirt, jeans, bright coloured shoes
Bubba: Ah awon New boiz. ?o?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Don’t forget the matching watch. Lol You re gettin me
Bubba: Btw what do you think about wizkid?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: See quechon again lol
Bubba: Cuz I kinda see u guys duin similar music
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I think Wizkid is a talented young artiste with a lot of potential
Bubba: ?o?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: He def still has a lot to offer. I like his stuff
Bubba: Ya sha forming intelligent sha
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lmao
Bubba: Can you relate to his music?
FalzTheBahdGuyT: I af toe sound niize now, kent fall my hand. Yea definitely, I like his stuff. And right now I think a lotta ppl in naija do too
Bubba: Uhmm, nice ansa to quechon..nice one. Thank you for chatting with me Falz. Sleep good.
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Lool 🙂 U too boo
FalzTheBahdGuyT: Ws nice chattin’ with u
Bubba: And u too

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  1. Was hoping someone would do this. Good to finally get some insight into what kinda person he is and his kinda music. I think I’m one of the few to have heard his mixtape and I must say, he’s definitely a breathe of fresh air to what we have going on in the industry now, he mixes razz & cool with such perfection(slight exaggeration) and humour. Not your ‘brain bursting metaphors & punch lines kinda rapper’ but he’s entertaining. A big fan right here. But matching shoes & watch?? Agbaya.

  2. eez ma homes, but I’m still not more than slightly biased. I don’t loove rap, but I enjoy falz. The nucca’s funny. his rap has a melodic quality, there’s a definite flow to it. All in all, eez plenty tight

  3. falz iz sick mehn!!! his songz r dope! he introduces humour in all his songz with crazy punchlines! hez def sm1 to watchout 4 in naija entertainment! he has a serious side to his music delivering amazing lyrics @ d same time leav’n his trademark *his yorubaness* on all his tracks! Hez cool buh he has a pink watch!!! *ALERT* *NUCCA DTS GAY* LMAO!!!

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