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I wholeheartedly preach the use of make-up and all necessary tools available to conceal facial and body flaws. In fact I embrace it, yes most certainly. Why not use concealer for those horrible dark circles underneath your eyes? And slap on some layers of facial powder every day, that way no one would be able to accurately count the amount of zits on your forehead. I am all for it.

As girls, we constantly strive to look better. Do I lose more weight? My nose is too big. I hate my oily skin. I want glossy hair. I want skin as clear as a supermodel’s. It doesn’t help that magazine articles and images constantly dictate how we should look. We are forever confronted with perfect images, a perception of beauty that we are told is very attainable. Article captions print inviting captions such as “LEARN NAOMI’S HAIR SECRETS”; my dear, Naomi Campbell has no hair left and probably pays thousands of dollars to have decent looking hair, it is all a facade. “GET FIT LIKE BEYONCE”; if you go on a 56 day tour round the world and you dance for an hour everyday on stage, yes you can get fit like beyonce however, unless you are up for it please be realistic. “GET SKIN AS SMOOTH AS GENEVEIVE NNAjI”; I have a comeback line for this one, unless you have been endorsed by beauty heavyweights such as LUX SOAP or MUD COSMETICS and you are beautiful enough but still considerably photoshopped to look like you drink from the fountain of youth, I suggest you give it a rest.

There is nothing wrong with making a conscious effort to look better every day, in fact it is fun! Spa treatments, facials, indulging in new makeup and beauty products are the perks of being a lady.

But red flags show and warning bells ring loudly when we begin to buy into the idea of extreme beauty, believing a single hair cannot be caught out of place or measuring our worth based on images on television and magazine covers. These stars we see have a team of beauty and fashion experts at their beck and call. Magazine images are seriously manipulated, reduced and enhanced for public viewing. Every trace of cellulite, zits and uneven skin tone is airbrushed and all of this is done after the celebrity’s glam squad have worked their magic.


How then can we keep up, we are always confronted with one extremely beautiful image or the other and we are quick to forget that celebrities look like ordinary people without their glam team and overpriced photographers. Here’s my proposal; strive to look better in every way that you can, it boosts your self confidence and gives you a means through which you can constantly re-invent yourself regardless of your age. But never begin to compare yourself to extreme images, do not weigh how beautiful you are to manipulated images. Yes these stars look fantastic, but have you seen them without all the props? WAHALA!



Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  1. @lucy i love your articles….i’v noticed most ladies arent ugly without makeup but people are just used to seeing them with heavy makeup on so whenever their faces are nude dey seem ugly.i once saw Rita dominic aboard a 7am make up but dark sunglasses on…i was staring like an idiot with my mouth open…after that day enhh i stopped trying to kill myself with makeup…ladies please let ur skin breathe.

  2. Well said,it’s all about our being confident in who we are. Most times,these make-ups even make the face uglier than normal. Moderation is the key!

  3. i think this article is extremely disgusting, before putting out irritating pictures of celebrities, you should check out other pictures. Blogs shouldnt be one sided, i think this blog is realyl ugly and the author struggles with enormous insecurities…..go check into a mental home or something

  4. @eva…the lady with arthritis- yea! Your spelling gave you away.
    It’s not mandatory to drop a comment in case you didn’t know- don’t thank me. I know people like you, who suffer from selective amnesia. Do not come and yarn dust after someone’s laboured to put out an encouraging read for females with esteem issues like you. All you have to do, is read and move on. If the blog werer that ugly, I doubt readers would even turn up. Obviously what you lack in brains and beauty, you’ve made up in makeup. Congrats then but remember shutting u when you have nothing good to say is a really good option for ‘heddioots’ like you.
    @poster..job well down as usual

  5. @ Eva. Wow…you got all that from reading a 100 word article? Choi, oleku. You should take a chill pill..a huge one that knocks you out for a good minute. Pretty much every sane person knows she’s correct; many ‘celebs’ look the way they do thanks to a serious makeup squad & photoshop that average people who strive to look like that don’t have access to. Some men also present these women as ideal & judge women based on that.
    The chosen pre-makeup pictures of these women might not have been hot, but maybe it’s because that’s what they actually look like. The point of this article is to encourage women not to feel inferior or less beautiful because of what they see in the media. And no, I’m not a fan of Lucy’s; I just choose to use my brain.

  6. Ahn ahn Eva! Why so vexed? Abeg go and wash ur face with Eva water then come back and read the post again. Its a lovely write up that deals with real issues. Are u vexed cos ur monstrosity cannot be concealed without makeup? It don’t matter sweetie. Monkey no fine but im mama like am. Just don’t come here and take ur frustrations out on the writer. Have u heard me? Ehen.

  7. I really appreciate this write-up as it addresses the insecurities ladies face & which is made worse by images of celebrities, forgetting they have been paid & have paid to look that way.
    Do not blame Eva, she’s probably one of the gals who have such low self esteem that she has to be all made up even if it’s immediately she wakes up, and she might not look good without it. She doesn’t understand why any lady will go out pale forgetting that some guys appreciate a lady who can go natural sometimes.

  8. My philosophy has always been why do people need make-up?!? I have worn make-up maybe 3 times in my entire 24.5 years of life. I don’t think i need make-up to be pretty or beautiful and i hate that so many women feel like they need to go out all painted up just to get the approval of others. Love yourself. And if you are going to take “extra steps” to beautify yourself, do it because YOU want to, not because someone else has something to say about it.

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