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“All secrets are deep, all secrets are dark. That’s in the nature of secrets”- Cory Doctorow (Writer)

To cut the long story short:

The caller and the message he relayed infuriated Kunle, he was mad with rage. He felt insecure and open with the knowledge that his secret was out in the open with someone willing to destroy him and his friends. Immediately, he sent a text message to his friends informing them about the caller and they agreed on a conference call.

At 10 pm, the four men, Kunle, Emeka, Kazeem and Femi, were on the phone discussing the meaning of the caller’s message. Emeka told his friends that it was possible their fifth friend was alive and might want to have his revenge. However, Kunle disagreed with Emeka’s theory and was supported by Kazeem but Femi remained silent. To lighten up the mood, they discussed their prospects for the New Year.

Their wives (Halimah, Ronke, Folake and Beatrice) also held a conference call that night to catch up and discuss about their husbands. Folake, Ronke and Halimah considered Beatrice ‘the sister of the crew’ since she was the female that has known them the longest.  This fact never pleased Halimah. She never really liked Beatrice mainly because of her husband’s disposition towards Beatrice. Unfortunately, the ladies conference call was the genesis of future crisis.

Beatrice, in order to forge a close relationship with other women, told the other wives about Tunji (the fifth friend) and the women decided to question their husbands to find out more about their fifth mystery friend. However, Beatrice warned against this line of action knowing what could come of it. Despite divulging a secret about the men she also added more info to her story house of knowledge. She found out that one of her numerous lovers before Emeka was Halimah’s brother – Ibrahim Abdullahi aka Jasper.

The next day, the other wives ignored Beatrice’s warning and asked their husbands about Tunji, all hell broke loose. Femi and Kazeem were diplomatic with their wives but Kunle was livid with his. Beatrice also informed Emeka that jasper was Halimah’s brother, the news depressed Emeka and Beatrice didn’t know why it should. Kunle called an emergency conference call to control the damage; and they agreed to lie to their wives.

For the next 3 months, nothing out of the ordinary occurred. In the month of March, Femi’s candidature was confirmed, Emeka’s promotion was in the offing, Kazeem was to be made chairman and Kunle had started his work with the party. Things were going good for them until they received a letter:

“Dear friends,

How are you doing? Hope you’re having fun in the month of March as the day of reckoning draws closer. I congratulate you all on your various achievements. Femi, I hope you’re preparing for the elections. Kazeem manage your father-in-law’s company well and Emeka remember to uphold the law.

I wish to use this medium to intimate you all that your success will soon turn to failure.

P.S: I’m watching you.


Now, they were all scared and decided to meet in Lagos to discuss their next course of action. They decided to stay at a hotel instead of Emeka’s house because of Beatrice since they could no longer trust her to keep her trap shut. Emeka made the reservations and they told their wives they needed to conduct business in Lagos individually.

However, Kunle met with a client, Mr. Gbenga Fakoya, to finalize certain business arrangements before his departure. Mr. Fakoya’s area of expertise is finding out things about other people, his clients cut across all spheres of life –politicians, police men, angry wives and husbands suspecting their spouses of infidelity, CEOs etc. Kunle then told Gbenga of his predicament and Gbenga decided to help. Kunle also told Gbenga where he’ll be staying in Lagos and how to reach him should incase he finds out anything on the letter writer.

Femi, Kazeem and Kunle arrived in Lagos on the 17th of March. Emeka picked them up from the airport and drove them directly to the hotel. They settled into their respective rooms and decided to eat-in. They ordered food and drinks up to Kunle’s room so they could all eat together and discuss their fate. After eating, they started drinking and finally the alcohol altered the dynamics of their meeting. They started arguing and Emeka accused Kunle for the misfortune they were currently dealing with.

Emeka accused Kunle of killing Tunji fifteen years ago, Femi and Kazeem tried to calm Emeka down. Then Kunle got pissed and decided to divulge info he had on Emeka’s wife that could hurt him to his core. Kunle blurted out the words “NO ONE IS INNOCENT!”; taunting Emeka about Beatrice and then told Kazeem to confess. Whilst Kazeem was still confused at Kunle’s act, Kunle told the guys how Kazeem had  had sex with Beatrice and called her a slut.

Emeka couldn’t believe his ears and then Kazeem said he loved Beatrice. Within seconds, Emeka was punching Kazeem brutally. After they were separated, Kazeem explained why Beatrice was childless and insulted Emeka’s intelligence.(Beatrice had series of abortions when she was student back in the university. She had countless lovers.  Emeka jnr is from a girl Emeka impregnated years back but couldn’t marry because of his love and promises to Beatrice.)

Kazeem then decided to divulge the secret he had kept for 16 years with everyone. He first asked Femi if he had anything to say to Kunle but Femi was confused. Kazeem then told Kunle that Femi was responsible for the death of his younger sister, Tinuke, when they were in their 3rd year of University. He explained that Femi got Tinuke pregnant and then gave her drugs to abort the pregnancy. He told the others he heard them arguing that fateful day and he saw Femi give her the pills.

Kunle nearly had a heart attack. His parents had always and still accuse him of negligence and blamed him for her death. Before anyone could process the freshly released info , Kunle had pounced on Femi raining blows on him. Emeka had to separate them.

Now, the four men sat in silence thinking about their friendship, the level of betrayal, the lies, secrets and deception but more was yet to come. They heard a knock at the door; they were surprised since they were not expecting anyone. A letter was slipped under the door. Emeka picked up the letter and read out the content to the others

“I’ve enjoyed listening to your secrets. Who could believe you’re all this evil? Sleeping with your friend’s wife, impregnating your friend’s sister and getting her killed and planning your friend’s downfall… however, Emeka has a secret you all don’t know about. He killed Ibrahim Abdullahi aka Jasper, Halimah’s brother”…

All Kazeem could say was “You killed Halimah’s brother?”, Femi asked “Why did you do it?“. “How could you keep this from us and still have the guts to accuse me of murder?” Kunle asked sadly. Emeka mustered up courage with tears in his eyes to explain his part of the story(this was the first time he was telling any one about this). Emeka told them he only went to see Jasper to stay clear of Beatrice but one thing led to another and an argument ensued. In the heat of the moment, Emeka pushed Jasper as he thought he was about to attack him. Jasper fell hitting his head against the wall but Emeka left the room immediately to avoid a fight. What Emeka didn’t know was that Jasper died almost instantly that night as he hit the wall quite hard. He only found out about his death when it was announced the next day by the student union officials. Kunle felt sorry for him – the woman he did it all for wasn’t it worth the trouble.

There was a knock on the door, Femi  opened the door and standing there were four policemen. They arrested the four men for the attempted murder of Tunji Adewole, Emeka for the murder of Jasper, Femi for the death of Tinuke Daniels and Kazeem for being an accessory to attempted murder and Kunle for attempted murder.

In the lobby, Kunle noticed Mr. Gbenga Fakoya talking with other police men. He then asked the policemen to give him a few minutes with his lawyer and the other men. Kunle was surprised to see him, Gbenga confessed he was the one who set them up and he was infact Tunji Adewole. They couldn’t believe it; they looked at him carefully and finally realized he was Tunji. He told them he was the anonymous caller and that he wrote the letter they received earlier in the month.

He told Kunle that after he explained his predicament to him and told him where he would be staying in Lagos; he got in touch with the police and the hotel management telling them to bug their rooms. Kunle couldn’t still believe it, Gbenga Fakoya was his biggest client but he had only seen him twice. Gbenga laughed and told the policemen to take them away.




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  1. Is it just me cos I didn’t really enjoy this concluding part. The suspense from d previous parts just got lost in this episode. I waited so long for ds and all I cud say after reading it was “huh?”. U write well abido but didn’t feel this part. My own 2 cents. Cheers

    1. its not just you oh. the concluding part did notin for me at all. i think the author lost it somewhere cos it started real nice.

  2. Nah bro you really rushed this one and did major information overload. it was like you got bored with the series and just wanted to get rid of it, some disjointed stuff as well but hey, it isnt easy writing (believe me, i know) so props and it was an interesting piece, just wished you toyed with the piece more. props sha.

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