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This is an interview that should’ve taken place at YABA, not the right side, but we had to settle for a phone interview. I would have loved to start with the usual introduction but that will make it the normal interview, so here we go…

Nobs: What’s on your mind right now?

Konnect: Titties!!

Nobs: Your name is not KIDKONNECT but then neither is his name DON JAZZY, who are you?

Konnect: my real name’s Kunle Oluwadiya, born and raised in Lagos, Okemesi-Ekiti representative. Full time Music Producer, Part time Couch Enthusiast .

Nobs: Tell us about your family, growing up and winning a green card.

Konnect: Err…. family of 6….. 3 sisters…. im the only boy. My childhood wasn’t anything too crazy..Musical chairs… climbing hills with Beazy n Lumidizzle…get whooped by my dad (most of which i deserved :-))….you know… regular stuff. lol… i def didn’t win any green card lottery…..looking for some white girls tho.

Nobs: You did not win a green card? Oh sorry. Rumour has it that you are a gifted producer. Please introduce us to some of your works.

Konnect: Rumor and fact are different things tho 🙂 …. anyway i’ve worked with Chiddy of Chiddy Bang (Parlophone/EMI), Rocky Diamonds (Universal Records), Beazy, X.O Senavoe, Modenine, Skales (EME), Lynxx, Show Dem Camp, Loose Kaynon, Chykay, Kemi Adetiba, Zara and many more.
Be on the lookout for future work i got coming out with Eldee The Don, MI Abaga, Skales, YQ and others.

Nobs: Sometimes, it seems that we know people from what we’ve heard, is there any part of you that the public do not know. Tell us a bit about this other you

Konnect: i laughed at the end of Titanic when the people were falling and doing back-flip off the ship.

Nobs: How do you combine School, music production & twitter?

Konnect: lol… i graduated with my Masters in December so i don’t have to juggle that anymore. Twitter is just easy…. i consider myself extremely fortunate that people want to work with me….majority of my body of work is Hip Hop based, and that’s not particularly what’s super hot right now, but again i get an offer (paid-offer Ooo) every other day to work. Plus a lot of folks know I’m comfortable making any genre of music, so that’s not bad either.

Nobs: When you are not making music, I would have added tweeting @Oyesmith but I’ll let that slide, what do you do?

Konnect: Ahhhh that’s my homie…..i live a very BORING life. If I’m not working (Music + Selling tracks +Networking with other entertainment professionals), I’m usually asleep.

Nobs: In your words, what do you think is wrong with Nigerian music industry?

Konnect: Not enough options of getting paid i.e Non-Pirated CD Sales, Royalties, Residuals, etc. Other revenue streams besides shows and endorsements have to be created.

Nobs: How can we solve that?

Konnect: IMO for you to really make any kind of dynamic change in ANY industry, you have to change the culture or mode of thinking of the people within that industry. In my dealings with certain people in the naija industry, a lot of things can be solved with simple organization. I mean the industry made it this far with the way it is right?…imagine what it would be like if things were way more organized? if more groups like COSON were available to enforce the collection of Royalties for artists? and artists were earning what they should earn…..i honestly believe MoHits should be 10x bigger than what they are now…

Nobs: One needs a manager, the other a publicist and the last another career. Who are they?

Konnect: nada…i do it all myself…. “don’t wear a tuxedo to go and swim”… I’m not too busy to pick up my own calls, hustle my own beats for placements, advertise my work or upcoming stuff. The day i get too busy to do all that, then I’ll hire credible people to do that, till then, i do it all myself.

Nobs: Let’s play around a bit. What’s your spec?

Konnect: She has to be alive!

Nobs: I was talking cars

Konnect: im not a car person at all…. i still think regualar benz is cool.

Nobs: Slim, fat or big boned?

Konnect: i like them rich.

Nobs: I will not judge you.

Nobs: If people are reading after Saturday, that means that the world didn’t end. What would you have missed on earth?

Konnect: my family

Nobs: Really?

Nobs: This is the part where we ask, is there anyone special in your life…apart from your parents?

Konnect: Sierra…….. she’s my fav Porn star…..check her out….she does great work.

Nobs: While some people say, “Life’s a female dog” tell us your most embarrassing moment.

Konnect: oh man…i gave this girl Val’s day present (Chocolates and some CDs) in hopes of her being my girlfriend…. she said no (infront of her friends)….i knocked the gifts out of her hand and kicked them into the gutter… #ImHood

Nobs: Others say, “ Life’s beautiful “ tell us about the most precious moment of your life so far.

Konnect: the very 1st time i saw my nephew Damola….. gave me a reason to be a better human being, got somebody now who is gonna be looking up to me soon, so i want to be a great example to him

Nobs: Any plans of moving back home to support the growing entertainment industry?

Konnect: I’m working on some things over here first, but i’ll be back very soon!….. just working out the logistics of it all….refuse to rush back home with a half-assed business plan.

Nobs: So that is your plan and you are sticking to it?

Konnect: Yep

Nobs: Other than Vic O, whom we know you love and respect, who would you like to work with, musically?

Konnect: Hmmm… Don Jazzy, Kabelo( South Africa), and Praiz

Nobs: This is already a long interview but before I drop, do you have anything to say to young upcoming producers?
Konnect: Stay true to you and get paid.

Nobs: What’s your take on a certain article titled “Twitter Artiste”?

Konnect: i actually agree with the article…not so much the comments…. but i actually advise artists, use whatever is available to you to promote your craft and expand to other mediums if what you are using opens up opportunities for you. If being a “twitter artiste” gets the CEO of a label with physical distribution to be interested in working with you, whats wrong with that?

Nobs: And finally, we’ve heard different answers to this simple question, we would like to know your take, what is 2 + 2?

Konnect: 2 + 2 is Vagina….word to Majela

Nobs: Here’s a pack of Hob-Nobs, You may go back to your ward, Kunle

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. Hahahahahaha Kidconnect is not normal, we all know that.

    Noble what do I have to do to get a packet of Hob nobs and strawberry slush?

  2. buhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nobs how did you pull this off??? i mean interviewing a certified MADMAN!!! jheeeezzzzee…..well like they say, it takes one to know or interview one.

  3. LMFAO!! This guy is crazier than I thought. Correct interview, Nobs.

    “Konnect: oh man…i gave this girl Val’s day present (Chocolates and some CDs) in hopes of her being my girlfriend…. she said no (infront of her friends)….i knocked the gifts out of her hand and kicked them into the gutter… #ImHood”


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