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Women CAN’T do without carrying a handbag or a purse.  As this is a very important part of dressing up and looking good many people wonder what the difference is between a “purse” and a “handbag”.

Traditionally, a purse has been considered to be a small bag or pouch used for carrying money and other little beauty essentials like lipstick,  powder  not like a wallet. Then, purses were small enough to fit into pockets termed as the coin purse.

A handbag, by contrast, was a larger bag, often with a strap for carrying it on one’s shoulder. As the handbag became increasingly popular, people would carry their purse, which was smaller, inside their handbag, which was larger.

Today the terms “handbag” and “purse” are often used interchangeably, although more so in some countries than in others.  Having shared the plenty talk on purses and hand bags, my main focus is on hand- made handbags and purses, made from our very own traditional fabrics, such as Ankara, Aso-Oke, Batik and what have you.  I applaud people who love being creative and take out time to invest in their craft and go that extra mile to share their creative pieces with the rest of us fashion lovers. (lol).

Anyway, I’d say it’s about time we began to invest in home made traditional creative hand made purses and handbags, some of us have started embracing our own 9ja pieces but we need to do more by going out to get nicely made purses or handbags to rock to that event or occasion. As long as its made from a traditional fabric  just go grab it and rock it, ok. (lol).

Here are some names and  contact details of purse/handbag designers to help you get yours with ease and allow you rock them with full African/9ja pride.

YEMISII: is a bag designer based in the United States and she makes lovely bags using Ankara and leather.

Contact details

Website: www.yemisii.com Email: yemisii@yemisii.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yemisii Twitter: @byyemisii


YAA SAKYI: makes lovely purses and carrier bags with Ghanian print fabrics.

Contact details: Yaa sakyi(TBA)


URBANKNIT has a wide range of purses made from Ankara as well as handmade fashion accessories.

Contact details: Check out the urbanknit items at www.urbanknit.com and email them at contact@urbanknit.com

DESIGN FOR LOVE (DFL): has beautiful purses and hand bags, with distinctive details and structures, they also come in an array of colors.

Website: www.designforlove.com.ng
Telephone: 08029018185

Enough said!!! Go get em!!!!

Handbags and Purses are more than just bags in which we put our things to carry. Your choice of purse or handbag can say a lot about you, and about what you carry or can fit into it.



Maryanne Alabi, popularly known as Mayreejay is a wardrobe consultant, CEO of her self named company "Maryanne Alabi". Deputy editor for Bloke mag, contributing Fashion editor for Y!Mag. Fierce lover of and everything Glamorous!! Follow me on twitter @mayreejay for fab fashion updates.


  1. Dem handbags are absolutely beautiful!
    So colourful too.
    If only I still had my genie!
    ALL of d above would be here in a jiffy! 🙂

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