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A few years after earning his place in the firmament of contemporary Nigerian singer-songwriters, Korkormikor has returned with his sophomore offering, Sentiments of Deinbofa. This second album from the artiste who has gained a core fan base from his “Gangstar melody” as its so often referred, is a more reflective and personal collection of tracks.

Three years have passed since Korkormikor declared himself to be a Port Harcourt City Breed. Like the city he represents, Korkormikor has been through a lot during that time and the album is the result of that journey. Sentiments of Deinbofa which is due to be fully released later this year, is so titled for the more personal, more intense and contemplative outlook of the tracks on the album. Korkormikor’s growth as an artist is immediately obvious and is not restricted by his unique and pleasantly recognizable vocal style. Korkormikor weaves delicious melodies around gritty urban themes.

On the tracks such as Jealous, Korkormikor proves that neither popular acclaim nor stardom have exiled him from the suburbs and the existence that gave birth to his musical talents. He retains the edginess of the streets and on Delete ‘Em All, his genius shines through as a track which at first listen seems to be a reverie that segues into a lullaby about putting haters to sleep permanently, reveals hidden themes of human frailty and an acceptance of the limits of being human as he says ‘since man no be God, I just delete them all’.

Korkormikor’s music is inspired by his personal battles as well as the communal struggles of his people. His musical influences range from Reggae to Hip-Hop; and include Alpha Blondie, Bob Marley, Majek Fashek, Lauryn Hill, Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

The album is highly enjoyable as Korkormikor stands in the middle of his reality, as a thoughtful chanting street poet and tries to narrate his way into our consciousness and to the one place he’s always wanted to be – your radio. Listen up and enjoy!


Korkormikor – Jealous

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/01-Delete-em-all.mp3|titles=01 Delete ’em all]

Korkormikor – Delete ‘Em All




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