360Events: EME’s (Skales, Wizkid and BankyW) Performance At The 2010 SMVA

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Courtesy of Soundcity and EME, 360nobs.com is proud to bring to you the wonderful November 20, 2010 performance by the EME crew (Skales, Wizkid & BankyW) at the 2010 SMVA.

I feel it was the best performance of the night.

Yup! Get familiar!

PS: @DaDOn, we finally delivered!



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  1. Good performance. Nice and interesting choreography. But singing wasn’t great. Wizkid was obviously lip-syncing. Not sure about Banky W. I’ll rate the whole performance 6/10.

  2. If this was the best performance of the night, I fear man. Wizkid’s cute & everything but I couldn’t stand listening to him sing along in his smedium red jumper. Find your right size, my guy.
    Skales shoulda had more time; first time I saw that dude perform was at the Sound City Concert in ’09 & he deffo had the crowd going with that song.
    The Naij award industry still has a long way to go…maybe if they didn’t spend all their money on procuring artistes wey don sha in the U.S, there would be more money for an impressive stage. We’re still arranging chairs on a very bland stage? Even BET Awards do better than that.
    Choreography wasn’t bad, but there was no theme tying the dancers’ outfits together…they looked a hot mess; Kaffy included.

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