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I had to pick my jaw off the floor when I caught a glimpse of Tiwa Savage in this custom made Toju Foyeh leotard. Many cliché and over used words spring to mind when you look at Tiwa with her back arched upwards; sexy, beautiful, breathtaking and everything in between. To me this pose signifies feminine power, it’s all in the arch of her back, the way she controls the leaf green fabric attached to her leotard. She doesn’t let the tail overpower her, neither does she wither with her eyes (she’s staring right back). I’m guessing it’s all in a day’s job for a beautiful and talented recording artist.

Diverting from the pose, I’ve always admired Ms. Savage’s sense of style and this custom made Toju Foyeh piece did not disappoint in the least. According to designer Toju Foyeh; the leotard was inspired by African prints hence the use of damask. Both Tiwa and Toju worked closely together to create a playful and fun but yet diva-esque piece.

1. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: “KELE KELE LOVE” was an instant smash hit. What sort of sounds can we expect to hear from your new single?

Thank you, yes kele kele was a great intro for me. The new single is a great follow up to it…I am still maintaining the fusion of afro-pop. My other singles will have many other influences like dancehall, soul, etc

2. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: What inspired “LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME”?

The same producer who did kele kele did this new single as well (Harmony Samuals “H-Money”) and I had the beat for a while. I was sleeping and woke up with the melody and it was the perfect match to the beat. The words just fit perfect too. I have some chanting in there because music is not always about words but about what feels and sounds good.

4. Lucy Phil-Ebosie: The pictures for your new single is incredibly breathtaking, tell us about the piece you’re wearing and why you picked it out.

The piece is by TOJU FOYEH, we have an amazing chemistry and we sat down at lunch one day trying to decide what look to go for. I wanted something sexy but still African and I showed her a couple of pictures. She listened intensively and she came up with the idea of using damask then she told me to give her a few days while she worked her magic. She called me after she made the outfit and as soon as I wore it, I fell in love with it.

“LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME” is out on the 1st of May.




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